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4th of July

July 3, 2013

Tomorrow is the 4th of July here. It’s not a holiday here, of course, but we still have the date on our calendar. ;P All the Americans are planning to get together and celebrate with a BBQ.

It’s also the day my dad and Mr. Chaparian head home. I had originally planned to say goodbye to them when they left for the airport and then catch the bus to work, but I got a text today saying the kids are at their grandma’s house, so no work tomorrow. So now I am free to celebrate the 4th of July with everyone. =)

It’s been fun having them here and will be sad to say goodbye. At least I have vacations coming up so I still have something to look forward to. =) I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I agreed to go on an 11 day cruise that leaves in 20 days! Usually I plan things months in advance. So this is very spur of the moment for me.

Some pics from around town when they were here:

misc 008-001

dad in russia 015

dad in russia 016

dad in russia 019

dad in russia 022

dad in russia 023

misc 006

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