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June 28, 2013

Whew, yesterday was busy.

I left the house at 8:20 AM in order to catch the 8:50 bus and get to work by 11. I learned the other day that the 8:50 bus is now the 8:45 bus, in that it has been leaving at 8:45 every day now, yet the posted schedule still says 8:50. 5 minutes can make a big difference when the next bus doesn’t leave till 9:25!

Since I left early, I was then able to catch an earlier trolleybus from the metro to work. Which meant I got to the neighborhood I needed about 30 minutes early. I wish one of Moscow’s ubiquitous parks resided there, but unfortunately there isn’t a park there, so I just got off at a stop earlier than I needed and slowly strolled to work. There is a big red building at that bus stop that I had wanted to photograph, so I decided to do that yesterday. Had some interesting conversations, or attempts at conversations, there, got my photos, and then went to work.

BDHX 001

BDHX 003

BDHX 007

BDHX 009

BDHX 013

BDHX 015

BDHX 017

BDHX 018

After work I was supposed to meet Hannah at the вднх metro stop so we could go to a park there and then get dinner and she would show me how to use the elektritchka to get home (so I can stay later in Moscow, since the bus stops running at 9:30 PM!). We were both running late, but finally got there. Yesterday was a HOT day. And hot in Moscow is HOT in that the sun is really intense, and since the sun doesn’t set till about 11:30 PM, it’s still very hot at 8 PM, which is a weird feeling to me. After a very hot, humid walk around the park (and past some huge fountains that, despite the posted warning against it, were full of people swimming in them!), we caught the metro down to the other end of Moscow to go to T.G.I.Friday’s for dinner. That was a nice change of pace, almost felt like we were in America. Except for our waitress who didn’t speak English.

This thing is so huge

This thing is so huge

BDHX 021-001

BDHX 024

Entrance to вднх

Entrance to вднх

BDHX 030

BDHX 033

BDHX 035

BDHX 038

BDHX 040

BDHX 046

BDHX 047

BDHX 051

BDHX 057

I love all the unique plants I see here.

I love all the unique plants I see here.

BDHX 060

After dinner Hannah showed me what metro stop to go to in order to catch the elektritchka home, how to purchase tickets from the machine that is all in Russian, and which bus to take home from the elektritcha stop.

The elektritchka ride home was so, so hot and sticky and jam-packed with sweaty, smelly people. It seemed to last forever, too. It’s nice that I now how know to do it, but boy did it make for a long day yesterday!

Once we got home we both took quick showers and got ready for Friday night English club at the church. It starts at 8 PM, so we had 30 minutes at home before English club. That lasted until 10 pm (well, that’s when I left, people were still there) and then I headed up to try and tackle my mountainous to do list! Unfortunately with how spotty our internet connection is during the summer (it can cut out dozens of times during each day), and due to complications with a Europe trip my friend and I are trying to book, I didn’t get much accomplished last night. So it’s all waiting for me today. And today’s supposed to be hotter than yesterday! (No, I don’t have A/C in my apartment and my room has two huge windows that sit and bake in the sun all day, boo.) I can’t WAIT for it to cool back down and be just like when I first arrived a few weeks ago. Breezy and 70s!

Anyways, that was my yesterday. The days before that…mostly going around town and putting up English lesson advertisements, shopping, and TESOL work online…and visiting parks. =)

Next week my dad comes and I don’t have to work till Thursday, so we have 3 days of fun! Here’s hoping it cools down for when he’s here, otherwise it’s kind of miserable.

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