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June 25, 2013

After all of our wanderings around, we ended up at Gorky park a few minutes before Annie needed to leave to go to her private lesson. I had never been to Gorky but she has been a bunch of times (lucky girl she lives in the city, unlike me) so we wandered around for a few minutes before she left and I continued to wander around and take pics. The place is huge and totally not what I had expected. There is so much to DO there! Definitely a good place for kids/teens.

I don’t think I saw the entire park but I did see places to play ping pong and volleyball, places to skateboard (huge skate park), a lake where you could rent kayaks and paddle boats, a small strip of sand for a beach (oddly enough it was not next to the lake, it was by itself), lots of cafes, places to rent rollerblades and bikes, tons of bean bags and inflatable pillows to hang out on, a huge Soviet test shuttle that you can go inside, and an outdoor concert area. The place was packed with people!

Entrance to the park

Entrance to the park

gorky 140

gorky 141

gorky 142

gorky 144

gorky 145

gorky 150

gorky 153

Huge inflatable pillows to relax on

Time-consuming way to keep the place watered...

Time-consuming way to keep the place watered…

Can you find the one that doesn't belong?

Can you find the one that doesn’t belong?

gorky 157

Imported from Sweden?

Imported from Sweden?

gorky 159

An outdoor juice cafe, complete with bean bags for chairs!

gorky 160

Huge ole samovar

Huge ole samovar

gorky 162

Old Soviet test shuttle

gorky 164

Another example of sloppily dressed man, woman in a dress

gorky 165

gorky 167

gorky 168

gorky 169

gorky 171

gorky 175

gorky 179

gorky 185

A carousel in the making

gorky 186

Part of the skate park

Part of the skate park

gorky 189

gorky 190

Leaving the park

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