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Coolest Perehod Award

June 24, 2013

If you spend any time in Moscow at all, переход will quickly become part of your vocabulary! For most main roads in Moscow you will use a perehod to cross the street. A переход is a tunnel that goes under the street, and also perehods connect metro stations. I discovered them the first time I tried to cross a very busy street. No one had told me about them before, but I quickly learned about them after I couldn’t find a “zebra” (crosswalk)! They are really nice for A) getting out of the elements, and B) crossing the street quickly without waiting for the crosswalk to give you  a green light.

Most perehods will have little vendor stands in them, selling all sorts of random things. Baked goods are usually a staple. But the переход to get across Крымский Вал takes the cake for coolest perehod yet. It’s an art tunnel! So the entire time you are “crossing the street” you feel like you are walking through either an art gallery or an art museum. Fun!

gorky 133-001

gorky 134-001

gorky 135

gorky 137

I  just love Moscow! It’s so quirky and fun!


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