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Wild strawberries and frog legs

June 17, 2013

Yesterday was an interesting and fun day.

It started off at 4 AM when I woke up (hello, sun!) and couldn’t go back to sleep. Wouldn’t have been a big deal if I had gone to bed earlier than midnight (hard to do when it’s still light out so late). Oh well, I had to leave the house at 9 anyways, so I just stayed up.

At 9 Hannah and I walked to her job at  the English school where they are having English day camps during the summer. Since I am not working yet I went with her to help out and take pictures for them to use on their website (and also to ask her boss to get me registered. Whenever you come back into Russia you have 7 days to get registered again and yesterday was my last day to get it done.) Thankfully she was able to get me registered and it didn’t even take too long. The office was so chaotic and it’s hard to believe anything gets done properly, but at least we got out of there fairly quickly.

Camp was a lot of fun (probably because I was just helping out and not actually in charge or getting paid) and the kids were so adorable!!

This little girl cracked me up. She wasn't supposed to be up there and just kept doing her own thing. She came in with that patch over her eye, but later it looked like an ear muff.

This little girl cracked me up. She wasn’t supposed to be up there and just kept doing her own thing. She came in with that patch over her eye, but later it looked like an ear muff.

yolochki 002

See the girls all dressed up in dresses?

yolochki 097

yolochki 170

After camp was when we went and got me registered and then Hannah, her boss, and I walked to a local Japanese restaurant where she convinced  us to try frog legs (can’t say I’d order them again, but they didn’t kill me). I didn’t see a single Japanese person in the restaurant, although in hindsight I guess that really shouldn’t have surprised me. We sat at the only non-smoking table in the restaurant, which I thought was kinda funny since the place was so small it didn’t really matter – you could smell all the smoke around you anyways. And I left with my hair smelling like smoke, bleh.

yolochki 185

After lunch, Hannah’s boss’s husband drove us to a local park/amusement park/ where Hannah’s family was, since Hannah didn’t have keys so we couldn’t get in the house. That was a fun experience. Russia seems to be stuck in the 80s, so places like that make you feel like you’ve gone back in time! I enjoyed wandering through the beautiful park (a forest really) and taking pictures while the kids played on the playground and rode some of the rides.

Entrance to the park

Entrance to the park

yolochki 191

These horses cracked me up! The people looked so funny riding them around the entrance of the park! (you make them walk by pushing up and down on the pedals, apparently)

yolochki 202

Mmm cotton candy. =)

yolochki 209

yolochki 194

People watching is so fun in Russia due to the extremes in fashion. The women always seem to be dressed up, even for just strolling through an amusement park (dresses, heels), and the men usually look fairly grubby, and are often wearing mismatched clothing. =) The kids (usually only girls) are usually dressed up as well, and often look like they have stepped out of an old photograph. You have no idea how much I wish I could be invisible and photograph each person I encounter!

yolochki 197

An example of the woman dressed up, the kid mismatched, and the man grubby. =)

yolochki 211

yolochki 234

I think Matfei has a thing for Micah and Sarah Reasoner’s daughter. 😉

yolochki 245

The whole area is so pretty and green. Bad pics due to my forgetting I had set my ISO so high for the classroom pics, boo.

yolochki 251

yolochki 253

yolochki 258

yolochki 268

yolochki 279

On the way home from the park we took a shortcut through the forest and while climbing into the plants to take pictures, I discovered wild strawberries near my feet! I was so excited! I picked all that I could find and ate them and could not believe how good they were! They were so incredibly sweet and smelled sweet too (like strawberry flavored candy or something, not like normal strawberries). I determined to come back later and pick some more! (Which I did today. It took a long time to find enough to halfway fill my bowl, but it was worth it.) They are super small, about the size of blueberries, but so tasty.

yolochki 288

yolochki 311

strawberries1 005

strawberries1 007

It was sad to say goodbye to everyone in California when I left, but now that I am back I am glad to be here. Each day I feel so blessed to be here and to have this experience!

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  1. June 17, 2013 10:30 am

    I loved seeing pics of Russian people. lol That camp looked kinda fun! And those strawberries totally make my mouth water. Yummmm…

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