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Northern Ireland

May 27, 2013

Oh the life of a…well, whatever it is that I am right now. Apparently today is a holiday, but for me, every day has been a holiday lately. But it’s nice for my family to have a holiday so that I can spend time with all of them once.

Right now everyone is pulling out iPads and playing games so I thought I’d take a few minutes to put up some Ireland pics before we have our Memorial Day/James’ graduation dinner. James just finished flight school and got his wings so we are celebrating. =)

On Sunday after church in Stockholm, Melissa and I flew to Dublin to meet up with Monique who had flown in the previous day. Since she’d had a day to tour the city before we came, she became our tour guide for the rest of the week.

The first night we just checked in to our hotel and didn’t do much since we had an early start the next morning since we were heading all the way up to Northern Ireland/the Giants’ Causeway/Belfast.

After trying to catch the bus early the next morning, we realized it didn’t come that early and we had to go back to our hotel and have them call us a cab. Thankfully the rest of the day went really smoothly and we had a fabulous time, complete with a really good tour guide – the best of the 3 tours we booked.

Here are some pics of the drive up to the Giants’ Causeway:

ireland 055

Huge crown put up for the Queen’s Jubilee last year

ireland 098

ireland 106

Castle hotel where apparently C.S. Lewis honeymooned

ireland 265

The landscape along the drive was so pretty

ireland 276

ireland 342

Getting ready to cross the Carrick-a-Rede bridge on the way up to the Causeway

ireland 343

ireland 345

ireland 346

ireland 351

ireland 362

ireland 366

ireland 387

ireland 410
ireland 428

ireland 434

ireland 442

ireland 480

ireland 499

We saw soo many sheep in Ireland

ireland 504

ireland 508

ireland 510

ireland 513

ireland 516

ireland 518

ireland 537

ireland 540

Ireland = lots of sheep, green, and ruins

ireland 545

ireland 559

ireland 565

ireland 566

ireland 568 ireland 574

ireland 697

We had such perfect weather this day (and every day!). The rain started just as we went in the little restaurant for lunch, then stopped when we came out and stayed dry until two minutes after we were back in the bus!  Our first full day in Ireland really in essence wasn’t spent in Ireland at all since we drove straight up into UK territory. It was a day full of beautiful scenery and lots of laughs. Wayne, our driver and guide was hilarious and we had a lot of fun!

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