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May 18, 2013

I will be home TONIGHT! I can’t believe it! It kinda feels weird, actually. I am sad to be saying goodbye to Ireland because it has been simply fabulous and we have had an absolute blast. But it will also be nice to see everyone back home again! It feels like it’s been forever, but it’s only been 3.5 months!

I am sitting in the Dublin airport,waiting for my gate to be assigned, and waiting for Monique to get through US pre-clearance. For some reason my flight as well as a flight that goes into Chicago both don’t do pre-clearance. Not sure why, but Monique’s does. So we might or might not meet up again before our flights. We both booked flights separately to go home, she’s flying into LA, I am flying into Ontario, but somehow we managed to end up both booking Aer Lingus flights that leave within 5 minutes of each other! Talk about PERFECTNESS when calling a cab this morning and being able to share the cost!!!

Melissa doesn’t leave till tomorrow so she’s off to Wicklow today, lucky girl!

Anyhow, we spent our last night at a B&B here and wandered around the little suburb  that it’s located in. It was so small and quiet. We ended up at an Aussie BBQ place for dinner and ended up trying kangaroo and crocodile of all things! Both were good, the kangaroo was nothing special, but the crocodile was definitely different. It had a little bit of a flaky fish consistency, as well as being a little bit like chicken (although it didn’t taste like it). Monique and I both agreed that the crocodile was better.



I will definitely write more about Ireland later. Well, I plan to anyways. Life will be a bit hectic the first few days back home, so I am not sure what all will be happening. I think I am driving up to SF on Monday so…

Better go catch my flight now. See you soon!


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  1. May 18, 2013 7:14 am

    Wow, Kangaroo AND Crocodile. Interesting. lol

    • May 24, 2013 1:50 pm

      Yeah, not something I expected to try in Ireland. Australia maybe lol.

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