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May 7, 2013

Yesterday we got up early and took the bus up to a cute little touristy town to catch a ferry over to a little island (Visingsö)  in the middle of Lake Vättern. Once we made it to the island we rented bikes and rode down to the southern end (I think) of the island to the castle ruins that are there. Apparently many years ago Sweden used to be ruled from that little island. Interesting thought. Then we rode around, stopping at particularly scenic places to take pictures. It was a gorgeous day. Warm with a nice cool breeze. We even both got sunburned!

After returning the bikes we stopped for water and ice cream before getting back on the ferry to go back to Gränna.

We were all pretty tired (Melissa, Riley – her dog, and I) after all of our bicycling so after the bus dropped us off across from her house, we walked over to the pizza place right by her house and got pizza to take home. All of the pizza places here also sell kebabs. All of the signs for pizza places all list kebabs on the sign as well. Interesting idea. So Melissa ordered a kebab pizza for me to try – apparently it’s big here, and now I see why. It was DELICIOUS! I’m so glad we have leftovers for dinner tonight. =)

Today we are having a nice, relaxing day. Just heading to the mall and Ikea (of course!) and then having a Bible study tonight at her place. So we need to come home and bake for that. =) (And clean up all my junk from all over her living room where I have been sleeping!)

A few pics from our day:

Swedish Island 029

Swedish Island 033

Swedish Island 034

Swedish Island 035

Swedish Island 042

Mmmm, that blueberry cup was sooo yummy. It had this interesting jelly concoction on top of it that was so pretty and yummy. I wished, after eating it, that I had bought two, ha.

Swedish Island 047

Swedish Island 063

Views from the ferry. Almost there.

Swedish Island 097

Views along the bike ride

Swedish Island 102

Interesting adventures with a certain dog, a wagon, and a wagon wheel…


Swedish Island 103

Swedish Island 132

Swedish Island 142

Swedish Island 175

Swedish Island 201

Swedish Island 215

Swedish Island 247

Swedish Island 261

Swedish Island 270

Melissa and Riley

Swedish Island 301

Swedish Island 323

Swedish Island 326

The ferry

Swedish Island 349

If I hadn’t tried it myself I would have never believed that it actually tasted really good!



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  1. michellemajor2013 permalink
    May 15, 2013 5:04 pm

    wow, so beautiful.

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