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May 5, 2013

This morning I woke up at 5 AM and since we don’t have to be picked up for church for a few minutes I am taking the chance to just put up a quick update and a few pics.

Got into Sweden on Friday night. It was a LONG day of travel, and battling allergies didn’t help. =( I was sooo happy to get to my friend’s house and sleep that night! The last train ride, the one that took me down to her city, was so beautiful and I enjoyed all the scenery along the way. Unfortunately I had to ride backwards the whole way down so it was a bit harder to see everything, but I did my best. =) I sat next to a Chinese girl who lives in Malmo, but works up in Stockholm (4.5 hours away) so she goes home on the weekends. She was so helpful when I had questions! (Riding the train was an interesting experience and it was so nice to have someone to explain it all!)

Coming from Russia, it’s been wonderful to be in Sweden because it seems like everyone knows English! Which was really, really nice considering I had so many transfers to make and couldn’t read my train tickets! There is no way I would have made it to all the right platforms, trains, and seats had there not been people there to explain it to me as I went. So, so thankful for all the English speaking Swedes!

Yesterday we went downtown so that Melissa could play in a  marching band she is a part of. So I just followed the band around town and took pictures. =) Then we relaxed in a little cafe before taking a walk/hike through the woods around here.

Here are some of the pictures from the day:

sweden 040


sweden 045

sweden 046

sweden 062

sweden 067

sweden 089

sweden 090

sweden 074

sweden 093

sweden 094

sweden 097

sweden 100

Walk in the woods 002

Walk in the woods 003

Walk in the woods 005

Walk in the woods 010

Walk in the woods 011

Walk in the woods 014

Walk in the woods 015

Walk in the woods 036

Walk in the woods 047

Walk in the woods 103

This little stream was so cool, it would back and forth like a race track or something.

Walk in the woods 062

Walk in the woods 091

Walk in the woods 097

Tomorrow we are off to take a ferry to some island to bike to castle ruins, I think. On Thursday we head back up to Stockholm for a few days before flying to Ireland. So far it’s been a lot of fun, and I really like Sweden. The Swedish language sounds so beautiful (especially after hearing Russian for 3 months, ha), and everything is so beautiful and much more European than Russia.

Praying for these allergies to go away and for smooth flights/train rides, etc! =)

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