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Quick update

April 27, 2013

I’m sitting here in my room, working on my online TESOL course that I just started, and enjoying the sound of rain pouring down outside. It’s really raining hard right now and I am so thankful that I am inside.

Skyped with Tom and David and kinda with James (via his telephone haha) earlier, and also saw the parents for a few minutes as they popped into view on the screen. =)

Went into Moscow earlier today for my last private lesson before I leave for Sweden.

smoothie 001

Andrey (9) holding a smoothie (they call them cocktails here) that he made for me today. It was very good too!

Also worked on my drawing a bit more:

smoothie 008

The dad wants an hour lesson followed by half an hour play or drawing time, so we always draw.

Counting down the days till I leave! 5 full days left before I fly to Stockholm early in the morning on Friday. Lots to do before then. Still don’t know what I will be doing about my visa. In typical Russian fashion things are changing daily around here. Life is never dull!

Okay…back to work on my TESOL reading.

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