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My Mondays…

April 21, 2013

I LOVE Mondays here. Sundays and Mondays are my days off, and so once I get home on Saturday night, I have two whole days of relaxing, fellowshipping , not having to travel into Moscow unless it’s with the Reasoners in their car, and usually something fun that we (Joel, Michelle, Hannah, Katya and I) go head out to do. Then the past few Mondays ended with a Russian “lesson” with Katya, followed by an English lesson for her.

Today, however, I am heading downstairs in a bit to babysit for the couple who live below me. Then it’s off to Moscow to have lunch with a friend I met here (who is the second CA girl I now know here), then off to try and get some visa pics taken, followed with maybe getting some more Euros for Ireland, heading to the international post office to see if the box that my mom sent well over a month has arrived yet, and tracking down a Payless shoe store to get some new shoes now that spring is here and I sadly can’t keep wearing my comfy boots anymore. That doesn’t sound like too much, but it’s going to take me all day. Especially with the quirky bus schedule during the lunch hour. Due to agreeing to babysit before realizing the timing really conflicted with my lunch plans, I am going to end up being late for lunch and that’s if the bus gets to Moscow in record time. If there is any traffic I will be really late. =( But there is only one bus each hour at 12 and 1. No in between buses, boo. =( Annie and I have been trying to hang out for forever, and the one day it finally works out, I might end up messing it all up. ANY other day would have been fine to babysit, but it had to be today, haha. Oh well.

That’s my Monday this week. Next Monday will be my ‘pack up and get ready to leave on Friday’ Monday. Although…I am supposed to be going someplace with Vira.  Due to the language barrier I am not really sure where, but I think there are tulips there. Maybe it’s a park? I’ll be bringing the camera either way.

Have a happy week!

the park 006

Random church in a park near one of my jobs

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