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Spring in Russia

April 18, 2013

Oh, it’s here, friends! Spring! I thought I was enjoying Russia in the wintertime, but now that spring is here, I am really enjoying it! It seems like spring sprung up on us overnight! One day it was cold and snowy, and the next day it was warm and sunny! I am amazed at how seemingly instantaneous the change was!

The snow is all melting. The trees are all budding and blooming. The puddles are all drying up. The grass is starting to appear. It’s wonderful.

the forest 035

This black butterfly/moth didn’t stay still long enough for me to get a good picture.

the forest 003

the forest 004

the forest 007

the forest 008

the forest 009

the forest 011

the forest 015

the forest 017

the forest 026

the forest 027

the forest 030

the forest 033

I have to put this boots picture in here because it’s so funny to me. I was just entering the forest near our house when I saw these two pairs of boots just lying there. I couldn’t believe someone would wander off in the snow without their boots! I assumed the people who left them there must be drunk, so I decided not to enter the forest by myself, assuming I might run into these people there. Later on Mrs. Reasoner told me these were HER boots that she had thrown in the trash can (which is pretty far from where I saw these) and someone must have taken them out and then decided they didn’t want them after all!the forest 038

the forest 040

I couldn’t believe how clear the reflection of the forest was in this puddle.

Oh, spring! I think it’s beautiful no matter where you are in the world!

I have about 2.5 more weeks here until I fly to Sweden. I am so giddy with excitement over the prospect of 3 glorious, work-free weeks in California when I get home! I absolutely love my life here in Russia, and can’t wait to come back. But I love, love California and am looking forward to so many things! Things like hanging out with family and friends and old coworkers! Things like driving my car again! (Oh how I have missed it. It will be over 3.5 months since I last drove when I get home! The longest time not driving since before I was 16! Hope I still remember how to drive, haha.)

I am looking forward to things like shopping for all the things I need to bring back to Russia, getting my hair cut, getting a massage (!!), going to the beach, going to my church!! (miss it!) maybe going up to SF to renew my visa (still not sure about all the details for this visa but there is the possibility of a 3 year work visa, eek!…), and just hanging out and soaking up the sun. Ahhhhhh, can’t wait. Of course there is still lots of fun to be had before that rolls around, but time is flying by and it will be here SOON!

Happy beautiful spring, friends! Enjoy it!

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  1. April 19, 2013 10:15 am

    I love spring! 🙂 Have fun on your trip! 😀

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