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Peaceful Russia at night

April 13, 2013

The other night we had a ladies’ meeting at church. Every Friday night of the month is some sort of event at church. There is a set schedule, but I don’t remember the order of events. I think the first Friday is game night, the next is English club, the third is women’s night and the fourth is teen night. I am usually working so I miss most of the events. I have been to one game night, and I think three women’s meetings. Since the kids I usually play with on Fridays were on a school holiday last Friday, the family went to their grandma’s for the weekend and didn’t need me to come over. So I had the day off (it was so nice!).  I enjoyed being able to hang out with the ladies and fellowship (and eat Michelle’s yummy chocolate chip pie and deviled eggs – there is food at every church event, even a regular Sunday service!).

After the night ended and I finished talking with the Reasoners and playing with Mocha, I headed back upstairs to my apartment. On my way up I noticed how pretty the moon was, and how you could see the entire moon even though it was dark out. I went in and got the camera and took a few pictures before realizing I should try the zoom lens. I went back inside and got it and snapped a few more pictures. It took a while to get some non-blurry ones since the camera itself is slightly heavy for me, plus the long zoom makes it off balance in front, AND I had to set the shutter speed so low to get enough light in the pictures (and no, I don’t have a tripod here). If I balanced the camera just right on the railing of the stairs, it didn’t angle right to get the moon in the frame. Finally I was able to get a few decent pics. Then I noticed that the trees looked kinda cool so I set up the camera to get some tree pics and just as I was snapping the first one, I saw a bright flash of light streak across the viewfinder. I looked up immediately to see what it was, but it was already gone. Pretty sure it was a falling star! Definitely made me smile, what were the chances? Not a great pic, but still..

the moon 065

the moon 064

the moon 060

What I presume is a falling star – hard to see but..

the moon 014

One of my faves

the moon 030

the moon 039

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