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Spending all my Rubles ;)

April 12, 2013

I didn’t set out to buy new boots today. I didn’t even think I needed new boots. After all, spring is finally here! And while spring means lots of mud puddles here in Russia, I was still thinking sandals and maybe tennis shoes when we walked into the small Rockport store in the little mall where we had lunch.

We had set off earlier in the day to stop by the main post office to pick up a box my mom had sent me over 3.5 weeks ago. It still hasn’t arrived. =( So then we set off for the Metro store (it’s like a Costco!!). We made a quick stop for lunch across the street from Metro, and then stopped by the Rockport store on the way out. I wasn’t planning on buying anything since I didn’t see any cute tennis shoes or spring shoes. But then Mr. Reasoner mentioned that if we bought 4 pairs of shoes, we’d get them for 40% off (in addition to the sale price), so we each needed to buy a pair, ha. So I started looking, but still didn’t really see anything (it’s a small store). After a while I found a pair of functional and waterproof brown boots. While not very cute, they would be very useful around here, so I decided to get them.

rockports 003

rockports 001

Then we came across knee-length boots that looked warm and comfortable. And somehow I got talked into buying a pair of white boots. They are super cute, but now I need a white coat, ha. I bought them because they were so cheap, and part of me just wanted to sell them on ebay, even though I am sure I will end up just wearing them.

The original price for the brown pair of boots was 6990 rubles (225.60 USD) and the original price for the white boots was 7990 rubles (257.90 USD). The price I ended up paying for both pairs of boots? 1308 rubles! (42.18 USD)

rockports 002

I had never bought Rockports before, but now I have two pairs of Rockport boots for about 20 bucks each! Ya just never know when you will get a good deal around here! Now I just need a white coat and I will be all set for next winter!

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  1. April 12, 2013 10:04 am

    Those brown boots look perfect for wearing with jeans on cold days! 🙂 How fun, and such a great deal!

    • April 13, 2013 11:06 am

      I shoulda worn those brown ones today! Instead I wore regular shoes for the first time in forever and didn’t know that my path to the bus stop would have COMPLETELY melted and turned into a little lake (I used to have snowy paths over the water, but now it’s all melted into one huge pond.) =( That made walking interesting! Back to boots for a while still I guess.

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