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The Moscow Circus and other happenings

April 8, 2013

Yesterday Joel, Michelle, Hannah, Katya, and I went to the Moscow circus. There had been much discussion as far as which they remembered being better: the old circus or the new circus. And which even was the old and the new? Apparently the group was still on  different pages when we showed up and it was not the place some of them had been thinking of. I googled it (since I knew it was on Tsvetnoy Boulevard) and apparently we went to the “old” circus, which half of the family agrees is the better one. 😉 Either way, it was a lot of fun! (I hadn’t been to an actual circus (animals, etc) since I was a kid).

I snapped a few photos of the animals and such before the show started, but since photography during the show technically wasn’t allowed, I was only able to snap a few iPhone pics at the end. (The elephants were too cute to pass up).
circus 002

circus 004

circus 005

While the above dogs were in the show, this leopard never made it into the show. No big cats did!

circus 006

My ticket:

circus 010

circus 013

circus 014

All the girls =) Yes, Michelle and I kinda match (our coats are actually different styles – mine is longer than hers). We bought them at the same time, and the whole coat-buying experience that day was just funny.

iphone circus 023

iphone circus 024

iphone circus 025

iphone circus 027

iphone circus 028

circus 018I keep wanting to get a picture of this huge Moscow sign we drive by each day on the way into Moscow, but unfortunately this is the only one I have taken and it turned out blurry. =(

circus 019

Every time I see this “Denver” sign, I feel like I am in Colorado. I am still not sure what “Denver” is – it’s also the only English word I have seen on a street sign.

circus 020

The Domodedovo sign that greets us as we enter the city each day:

circus 024

At the end of the night, as we were waiting for the bus to take us back to Domodedovo, we saw a drunk man getting out of another bus. His friend was holding him up as they both walked (I have seen this countless times, it’s unbelievable) and as they approached the two flights of concrete steps down to the metro, the drunk man totally stumbled and fell down the first flight. His friend tried to stop him but was unable to. The friend picked him up and they approached the second flight where the drunk man again fell down, this time dragging his friend down with him and they both tumbled over each other all the way down. I wish this was something I didn’t see every single day. It’s so incredibly sad. I don’t understand how people can watch others make complete fools of themselves, and then go out the next day and get drunk themselves. Almost every single day I see a drunk person completely passed out on the metro. One time it was a woman. Usually it’s men, and usually they are from the “Stans” (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc) as everyone tells me. (Dark hair, olive complexion, and different than anyone I had ever seen before! You can tell they aren’t ethnically Russian.) The other day as I got off the bus and approached the grocery store that is there, I saw a tall security guard arguing with a man who looked like he was wearing bright red lipstick. His face looked white, so I assumed he was wearing makeup.  A crowd had gathered around to watch the spectacle. As I got very close (had to pass them to enter the store) I noticed the man’s mouth was red from a lot of blood. It was so gross. And he was acting very drunk. Who knows what he had done to get so bloody, but it’s amazing to see things like this every day. The other day the bus I got on to work smelled overwhelmingly like vomit, but I had already paid to get on, so didn’t want to lose my money by getting off. Just had to hold my breath the entire way (this was one of my short bus rides). On our way home from the circus one of the drunk men across from us had wet his pants. Another time I saw a man so out of it he kept falling over on the people next to him, all of whom got up and moved! Then he leaned over, coughed up phlegm onto his hand, and then started waving his hand. I had been sitting diagonally across from him and so I got up and moved. Didn’t want that flying over onto me! (Sorry this is getting so gross. It’s everyday life here!) I am sure the longer I am here, the more I will see. It’s just so amazing and sad to watch.

Drunk people aside, it was a fun night! I came home, made guacamole, ate nachos, and stayed up to watch the beginning of the Giants’ slaughter last night (ouch!). I guess getting all that bling just distracted them (the World Series Ring ceremony was last night before the game).guacamole 001

Today I went into Moscow with the Reasoners (going by car is so nice!) to go shopping and then I had a “Russian lesson” with one of our teens, after which we did an “English lesson.” Not really sure I am going to learn a whole lot of Russian from her though. We’ll see how this arrangement works out… =)

Things are going so well here, it’s been such a fabulous adventure. As the Reasoners say, life in America will be so boring after this! (I have to say I agree!) I haven’t been to St. Petersburg yet, but we are talking of going in June for White Nights as it will be nicer than it is right now. The daylight here has been getting longer and longer. I just LOVE it. I am sure come the middle of summer when it’s light for almost 24 hours I won’t really appreciate trying to sleep in broad daylight, but for now it’s fun. I experienced the long daylight thing once when in Alaska and also in Paris when we were there for the longest day of the year and it was broad daylight at 10 PM. So much for trying to see the Eiffel Tower “at night”, ha. So I do know what to expect. =) (I need to get blackout curtains, I think.)

Anyways, so sorry I am the world’s worst blogger. I wish I could more adequately convey everything about this experience for you all to see. It has been amazing, and when I stop and think about it, I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to be here! God is so good to me!

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