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What time is it?

March 31, 2013

Had a very strange thing happen today, and I am still not quite sure exactly what did happen, or when.

I have two phones here in Russia, my old dumb phone that I use as an alarm (and that still had AT&T service until I got here) and an iPhone that I am borrowing from my brother. Since practically no clock around Moscow actually works and keeps time, the only way I know what time it is is by checking my phone. Which till now had been working just fine, or so I thought. Even my laptop still had CA time listed and I just always knew in my head that it was wrong. Last night I set my alarm on my old phone like normal and went to bed. This morning when I woke up, I checked the iPhone and it said 9 AM. Since my alarm would be going off any minute, I turned on the old phone to turn off the alarm, and then I noticed the old phone said 8 AM! I was so confused as to why it was different, and wondered when it had changed times since I hadn’t noticed before. So I manually changed it to 9 AM and got up and got ready for church which starts at 11. I went down there to start my laundry like I always do on Sundays while at church, and just went about my Sunday morning like normal, playing with the puppy and talking with the Reasoners. I did think it odd that church was starting so soon and some of them were very much not yet ready, but I didn’t think too much about it. Then I saw the kitchen clock. It said 10 AM. Not 11. I was so confused. I asked them what time it was and they told me that yes, it was 10 AM. So my old phone had been correct, and the iPhone had let me down. But when had it changed time? I started to wonder if I had showed up at the wrong time for my lesson yesterday! (I am still wondering now. I will have to ask Nonna on Thursday. Or maybe I will email her so she can translate it on Google since she probably won’t understand…)

I am still so confused. Why did it change time and when did it change. Russia doesn’t do time change, America already did it a while ago…Very strange. I really hope I didn’t spend all day yesterday thinking it was an hour different than it really was. Now I will be googling “what time is it?” just to make sure this dumb smart phone doesn’t mess me up again! Thank goodness I got it figured out this morning, and I really hope it just happened overnight, but who knows…

On a happy note, today I booked my train ticket from Stockholm down to Jönköping where my friend lives. Monique has booked most of our day trips in Ireland (we ended up deciding against renting a car and for the first visit to Ireland I think I am happy this way. Maybe next time we will be braver!) So I think all of the trip details and tickets are finalized! Hotels booked. Flights and trains booked. Day trips booked. YAY!  I am so excited! I thought last week that I had 5 weeks left in Russia, but in reality counting this week I still have 5 weeks left. I hadn’t realized I am actually in Russia for 13 weeks, not 12! I had just assumed with a 90 day visa it would be exactly 3 months/12 weeks, but it’s 13! I get a bonus week for free! =) I am SO excited to go to Sweden to see Melissa (haven’t seen her since grad school, so 6 years!) and to go to Ireland with her and Monique. I’m also excited to go home and see everyone there, and do some major shopping. But I will be sad to say goodbye to Russia for over a month. At least, Lord willing, I get to come back! (Assuming I am able to get another visa).

If anyone knows of anyone who wants to travel to Norway, PLEASE tell them that I want to go and am looking for someone to go with. I have people who are possibly interested (well they are interested but not sure if the details will work out) but if they can’t go…I definitely want to go while I am still here in Russia.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter (no Easter in Russia till May)! We are so, so blessed to serve a risen, loving and merciful Savior!

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