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March 27, 2013

Last night I forgot I had downstairs neighbors as I dragged my kitchen table out of the way so that I could open the window to take pictures! (Oops! I only remembered this morning. I hope it didn’t bother them too much…it was midnight.)

I have these huge, dagger-like icicles hanging outside my kitchen window, and they have been getting longer and longer lately as the weather keeps warming up slightly, and then freezing again. I will often stop by the window at night and just gaze out at the peaceful, white wonderland below, lit up by the moon high above, and just think “I am so blessed to be here!” Last night I noticed that the full moon (or almost?) was illuminating the icicles and making them sparkle and shine. I ran to grab my camera and after taking several pictures, I realized that that window didn’t have a screen on it!!! So after moving several things, I was able to open the window (it’s huge and swings inward) and lean out to get better pictures. It took me quite a while to get all my settings right, and to get the camera to cooperate while I leaned out awkwardly and tried to hold the camera steady in such dark conditions! (The window sill was piled high with snow so I couldn’t set the camera on it. Plus the icicles were directly above and to the side of me, so it wouldn’t have worked anyways. Finally I got some that were decent.) It was only about 10 degrees, and I was just in my pajamas, so after about half an hour I was definitely finished.

Then this morning I looked again and they looked even prettier with the bright blue sky and the white forest behind them, so I took more pictures.

So here are way more pictures than I am sure anyone cares to see. But they make me happy since they were so much work to get! And I like icicles. =)

icicles1 026

One of the first ones I took while trying to get the lighting right. It didn’t turn out, but I still kinda like the almost-in-focus trees. =)

icicles1 031

icicles1 032

icicles1 059

icicles1 060

I was getting frustrated with trying to get the pics just right so I took a break and took some pics of the other side of the house. I love this peaceful view at night!

icicles1 062

icicles1 067

icicles1 070

icicles1 071

icicles  pt 2 003

icicles  pt 2 008

icicles  pt 2 010

icicles  pt 2 019

icicles  pt 2 021

Pics from this morning. I love the coloring!

zoom lens icicles 016

zoom lens icicles 017

zoom lens icicles 018

zoom lens icicles 019

zoom lens icicles 021

zoom lens icicles 023

zoom lens icicles 024

zoom lens icicles 025

zoom lens icicles 026

It’s really hard to take a picture of something white/clear with a light blue background! It was so hard to get them to show up!

zoom lens icicles 027

zoom lens icicles 030

All of the daytime pics were taken with the zoom lens, I was just practicing with it. =)

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  1. March 27, 2013 6:18 am

    I love your icicle pictures! I especially liked the ones with the moon in the picture. So gorgeous!

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