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I’m alive!

March 15, 2013

So sorry I have not blogged in forever! I have been keeping VERY busy, and also have not had consistent access to internet!

Hopefully the internet thing will be resolved soon. The busy part…well that’s not going to change. =)

The other day another California girl and I went in search of an American pizza place. You’d think they’d be all over the place here, but they aren’t! I was told that Russians don’t like a lot of pizza sauce on their pizza, and so that’s why American places never last here. Sbarro’s is here, but there is like no sauce on your pizza , and in my opinion it’s not worth being called “American” pizza…Especially due to the fact that with the set up here, by the time you actually pay for your pizza and sit down, it’s cold. Every. Single. Time. I only eat Sbarro’s when that’s where the group chooses to eat. It’s inexpensive, actually, but…you get what you pay for. =)

The first place we tried to go to, Pizza Hut, was no longer in business (par for the course here), but the second place, Papa John’s, was still open! In the states I am not a big fan of Papa John’s, but it actually tasted really good! (Everything is relative, friends. Except truth. ;P)

pizza and moscow 014

pizza and moscow 016

pizza and moscow 018

pizza and moscow 019

Rachel was laughing at me as I was reading this Russian, and then was so proud of  myself that I could read/understand it. Because, of course, it says “Better ingredients, Better pizza” – same as the slogan in English and I should have just KNOWN what it said, instead of trying to read it. Oh well, it still made me happy. =)

Pizza places in other countries (at least in Europe) are always nice, sit down restaurants, unlike our fast food places in America. Even if it’s the same chain as in the states. Sbarro’s is the only exception I have ever found, and they are in the malls.

This one was playing Christmas music. Been a few months since I ate in a restaurant that was playing Christmas music! (Since the music is in English I wonder if they even know it’s Christmas music, ha.) Walked by a guitar player in the metro tunnel the other day and he was playing Christmas music. Made me smile.

Anyways, counting all the metro rides to get here, the bus ride, and the price of the pizza, I don’t even know how much this cost us, but it was a lot. Don’t take for granted your cheap, yummy, pizza in the states, friends! =)

Rachel and I had a fun day of doing “touristy” stuff, and since she’s been here almost two years, it’s nice to have someone who knows their way around town!

I’ll try to post more pics soon!

*Sorry for all typos and grammatical errors, past, present, and future! They bug when me when I find them, but when I am in a hurry to post here I often don’t take the time to double check my typing. So, sorry!!

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