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Ice Skating

March 3, 2013

Hey all, I think I never did finish putting up all the pics of Red Square. Maybe I will soon. Oh man, it’s only been a month since I quit work, but I can’t type anymore! It’s pathetic. =(

Today we went ice skating with some friends. I was able to borrow Keturah’s old skates, so the whole thing only cost me about 33 cents! (10 rubles entrance fee = 33 cents).

And the rink was AWESOME! The biggest rink I have ever skated at was the Olympic training rink in Milwaukee, but this one was bigger I think, and outdoors (think cold). I have never skated while snowflakes (tiny ones) were falling on and around me! It was so much fun. And when we got there, there was no one skating! It was so, so awesome. By the time we left two hours later there were about 35 people there, but with how big the rink is it was not crowded at all!!

Below are some bad iPhone pics. We got some real ones on Michelle’s camera so whenever I get those I’ll try to post them (group pics). Sorry, I am so sleepy right now that I can’t even think straight, so hopefully I am somewhat making sense.

Halfway through ice skating I got really, really cold. My fingers and toes were frozen. So I took a break and went in the bathroom and thawed my toes over the heating vent (yes, I took off my socks and put my feet on the vents!). While thawing my feet, I looked up the weather on my phone and it said 16 degrees but feels like 2 degrees. I didn’t feel so bad for wimping out halfway then when I saw the weather! After my feet thawed I went back out and it was so much easier to skate with feet that I could feel again! Plus I put up my hood and that helped block the cold wind! (The wind is the worst). There was one part of the rink that was so cold and windy that I would just turn around and skate backwards past that part, then it was much warmer because the wind wasn’t blowing in your face! (Thank goodness for an empty rink so you can skate backwards and not worry about running into people!) I don’t think I will be able to ice skate when I go back to CA. This huge empty rink has already spoiled me!

ice skating 001

ice skating 002

ice skating 003


ice skating 004-001

ice skating 007

I really need to get a brown hat that matches my brown coat – asap!

After ice skating we went to Burger King for lunch (Mmmm! haha) And then I got a caramel and apple blini from Teremok:

ice skating 009

Pretty good, and very rich. This is Michelle’s fave flavor so I had to try it. Next time I think we should split one!

ice skating 010

Burger King is in the mall. Walking through the mall I saw these lovely pants ;P

ice skating 011

More lovely pants!

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