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Random update

February 24, 2013

Hey friends! Sorry I haven’t been updating much lately, I’ve been pretty busy. There’s so much I need to catch you all up on, but my brain is kinda fried right now so instead here are some random pics from around town.

I don’t know what this big building is, but it’s huge and really pretty. I stumbled upon it the other day when I made a wrong turn after exiting the metro (I still need to get a good city map!!).

misc 008

Hannah and I took the bus to the local mall the other day and while wandering around I saw these shoes that totally reminded me of bowling shoes. =)

  misc 011

I have never in my life seen so many shoes stores! These Skechers looked so fun and comfy with the faux fur lining inside.

misc 012

misc 013

misc 014

Discover the Africa:

misc 018

There are so many fun and funky boots around here! I would never wear them here (with all the ice and snow and the insane amount of walking I do) but I would love to bring a bunch of them back to the States!

misc 022

Love the “grenade” scented body scrub:

misc 023

This sign at the glasses store totally made me smile since I have never seen an eye chart with Cyrillic characters before:

misc 024

Heading down the moving sidewalk/ramp to the basement level of the mall. (Notice all the Christmas decorations still up. I saw lots of Christmas trees still decorated in the middle of a street the other day)

misc 025

They have the randomest shoes here:

misc 026

Giants shoes! ;P

misc 027

misc 028

misc 030

misc 031

misc 032

My first blini! (Strawberry filled) It was so good!misc 035

So sorry that’s not a very interesting update. Things are going well here. Other than very, very tired legs (I do sooo much walking here!), I am doing great and really enjoying the experience of living here! It’s definitely been interesting!

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