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February 20, 2013

Footprints in the snow…not quite the same as footprints in the sand!

moscow 182

We pass these colorful sheds each day on the way to the bus stop. For a while I thought people actually lived in them because the Reasoners misunderstood which “sheds” I was talking about.

moscow 161These are actually the dachas (summer houses) that they were talking about. Not any better than the sheds. I can’t believe that people actually live in them (during the summer)!

moscow 165

moscow 166

I absolutely love these different wallpapers from classrooms at Hannah’s school. The London and Paris one is my favorite.

moscow 019

moscow 021

moscow 022

This is my second fave

moscow 023

When we were at Red Square last week we went to the famous GUM shopping mall there. As everyone has told me, “no one goes there to shop, just to look.” =)

moscow 077

There was an ice skating rink set up in front of the mall, so I couldn’t get any good pics. But the entire building reminded me of a Parisian castle or something

moscow 076

Entrance to the mall:

moscow 103

moscow 105

moscow 108

moscow 109

moscow 111

moscow 114

moscow 115

moscow 116

Hannah and I being models. =)

moscow 118

moscow 119

moscow 122

moscow 123

moscow 126

moscow 127

moscow 128

moscow 132

moscow 133

moscow 137

moscow 141

moscow 142

Mannequins getting a sponge bath =)

moscow 143

moscow 144

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  1. February 20, 2013 7:46 am

    People live in those sheds EVER? Wow. And fancy mall. lol Too bad the ice skating rink was in the way, because that would have been an awesome picture. 🙂

  2. michellemajor2013 permalink
    February 24, 2013 5:40 am

    are they apple blossom trees ?Beautiful mall.coome on you could of at least got a louis vuitton bag ha ha

    • February 24, 2013 9:11 am

      I am not sure what trees they are, or if they are even real. People have been asking me. Next time I am in Red Square I will go back inside and look! =)
      Haha Michelle. I’ll save my “expensive” purse buying for next time I am in Italy or Turkey again! ;P Did you pick up any “Prada” purses on that cruise?

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