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Vegas Mall in Moscow

February 12, 2013

Now that I have figured out the ins and outs of the internet here, as long as it’s actually working, I can access the internet much more often. For some reason it will not work in my room, although my phone can still access the internet in the room. It’s weird. So I know that anytime I take my computer into my room and come back out, I have to disconnect from the internet and reconnect again or else even though I am out of the room, it still won’t work.

Other than reading lots of emailed job offers, responding to some of them, and answering lots of phone calls and texts about more job offers, I have been mostly doing the dishes and going to the mall. Seriously. I have gone to the mall more this year than probably the last three years combined. (Case in point: I went to the mall right before I came to Russia, to buy some last minute things, and asked the lady at one store if it was a new store. I hadn’t seen it before. She told me it had been there for 4 years!)

But going to the mall here is much more exciting because everything is different. And apparently they all have free ice skating rinks! (Free if you have your own skates. Ice skates are now on my shopping list!)

mall 036

Is this cool or what? I also like the mini amusement park next to the rink.

mall 022

There are Sochi 2014 items all over the place! =) But these aren’t the cushioned, comfy skates that I would like. I am waiting and hoping they get cheaper soon!

This mall is SO fun! I LOVE it. Other than the Mall of America in Minnesota, I think this is the biggest mall I have ever been in. And it’s also the prettiest mall I think I have ever been.

“Going to the mall” here is a bit different than going to the mall in the States in that here you have grocery stores and such in the malls, and the mall provides a nice, warm place to do all your shopping, not just your normal mall shopping.

Some pictures from around the mall:

mall 018

Is this Russia’s version of Forever 21?

mall 020

The inside of parts of the mall felt like a medieval castle! It was so cool!

mall 021

There are at least 4 levels in the mall (that I saw) and the bottom here had a car dealership.

mall 023

Sochi 2014 snowboards =)

mall 024

We wondered if this “O’Neill” (knockoff?) meant to say “Founded in California” instead of “Found”?? (Or Founnd” haha)

mall 025

Another look at the levels and car dealership

mall 026

There are lots of fur coats in the stores here.

mall 027

…And fuzzy boots. Actually, there are lots of shoes stores in general here!

mall 028

They told me this middle part (which reminded me of a medieval banquet hall) was supposed to be like a little India

mall 029

mall 030

mall 031

mall 032

mall 033

mall 034

I love this picture of this woman. It reminds me of a lady window shopping on a cold, winter night in London. =)

mall 035

Who would have thought I should bring my good camera to the mall with me? Thank goodness for the phone, but the quality is pretty bad.

mall 038

mall 039

Reminds me of an upscale hotel, not a mall!

mall 040

mall 041

The steps here kept changing colors, which made it hard to walk down them! (The constant motion made me take slow steps haha)

mall 042

Love the “starry sky” and all the color! These pillars kept changing colors.

mall 043

mall 044

LOVED this store display! Isn’t the clothes rack so cute???

mall 045

Random kids getting their pictures taken in the heart booth

mall 046

Great use of lace ;P

mall 047

mall 048

mall 049

When you go into this grocery store they make you put all your other bags on the counter and they put them into a new bag that gets sealed shut three times by this contraption.

mall 050

Sealing our bags shut by melting the plastic

mall 051

She was so sweet, she sealed my water all by itself and left the top open so I could drink it!

mall 053

Only in Russia will you find chocolate guns in the Valentine’s display (okay, maybe you can find them other places too, but…) It says “revolver from chocolate.”

mall 054

Doesn’t this just scream “Valentine’s Day”? lol

mall 055

Some of the many boxes of juice in the juice aisle. I love the juice here. They have so many unique flavors and almost all of it is 100% juice!

mall 056

Nothing really unique here, just Russian ketchup =)…Which they apparently eat on EVERYTHING here. Including spaghetti. Bleh.

mall 057

I don’t really know what this was, and Mrs. Reasoner didn’t either. But it was in the frozen foods section and it was whole pieces of fruit…

mall 058

Crab flavored Lays chips

mall 059

Red caviar flavored Lays. MMMM ;P

photo 1(2)

The peach scented toilet paper that I bought. It smells SO good! We need things like this in the States. Makes blowing your nose (which you will do a lot of in Russia) FUN! =)

I have a few old posts that I still need to post. They will be really old by the time I finally get around to putting them up. =)

Things are going well here. The Reasoners leave tonight and will be out of town for 10 days. So it will just be me and Hannah here. She has Thursday off work so we decided to go into Moscow to Red Square that day. The forecast originally called for 20s and snow, but now it looks like maybe it won’t snow. But it will still be cold. Then we realized it will be Valentine’s Day on Thursday! I think this will be my most memorable Valentine’s Day yet, haha. Red Square and maybe snow (although I hope if it does snow that it’s just a light dusting. Otherwise you end up really wet!). I am supposed to have a second interview later this week (this time with the family) for the position I interviewed for last week. It’s for conversational English/playtime with a 4 year old boy and 2.5 year old boy. Basically just babysitting in English, haha. Please pray if you think of it. It seems like it would be perfect, but God knows more than I do, so I only want it if He wants me to have it. With the whole commute situation here, having to only go into Moscow twice a week would be really nice.

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  1. February 12, 2013 9:31 am

    I totally enjoyed all those pics! That mall is amazing. And I think I need one of those chocolate guns for Matt for Valentine’s Day. 😉

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