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February 9, 2013

Yesterday was one of my most interesting days here. Hannah, Michelle and I set out at about 10:30 AM for the bus stop down at the end of the street (a decent walk). Since we had time before the next bus came, we went in the little mini store there and I got some pastries for breakfast (prepackaged stuff but it was good).

Then it was onto the bus for the drive to the Domodedovo metro stop. I think it took about 45 minutes to get there, and halfway there I realized that taking some Bonine (motion sickness med) would have been a good idea. I wasn’t feeling so good. By the time we arrived I was more than ready to be off that bus! Another lesson learned. =) From the bus we hurried down the steps into the metro and bought a 10 trip metro pass (you just scan it for each person that walks through, so we all were able to use the same pass). The metro here is HUGE. The metro system is extensive, and the distance between each stop is pretty far. Much longer than any other metro I have ever used. By the time we made our transfer to the line we needed, and exited the metro, it was about 12:30! It took us 2 hours to go about 30 miles (approx). I lost the post about our trip on the main road here when we went to the mall, but that day they told me, (and I am definitely finding it so) that you accomplish about one thing a day here because everything just takes so long! Since we had an hour til I needed to be at my interview*, we stopped at the very, very crowded McDonalds to get some lunch. Michelle stayed back to scoop up the first available table, while Hannah and I went and ordered. The “lines” for the cashiers there were so blended, you could hardly tell which line you were in! And everyone packs in very close together. I ordered my first meal in Russian here: чикенбургер, и картофель деревенски, и  маленький Кока кола, и кетчуп (A chicken sandwich (they call it a burger), potato wedges (yes, McDonalds has potato wedges here and they are really good!), a small coke, and ketchup (yes, you have to order it and pay about 60 cents for one small packet of it).

While you are paying, someone else is filling the tray with your food and you have to take it directly with you as you leave. Which is no small feat as you turn around and have to make your way through the throng of people crowding in all directions. I did notice that if you order your food to go, you can turn around with bags in your hand as you brave the crowd, instead of a tray that you have to try and balance! After eating about half my meal, we hurried off to find Bolshoy Timinski road, which according to the map was pretty close. Of course everything here is much farther than it looks. Especially when you are walking through slushy melting snow, mud puddles, and slick ice patches. And then navigating around everyone else who is coming and going!

We found the address fairly easily, but figuring out how to get inside the building was another matter entirely! We walked back and forth around that building so many times! Thank goodness for Mrs. Reasoner several times telling me that bringing an iPhone would be a good idea, and for Tommy letting me borrow his old one! It has already been a lifesaver! I was able to find the email from the lady, and call her to see if she could help us get in. Even after talking with her we still couldn’t figure it out. She sent someone to get us, but it took us about 10 minutes to run into him. Craziness.

*Posting an advertisement for teaching English on the site will get you more job offers than you could possibly realistically handle!

Timewise they might only offer you a few hours a week, but with the logistics of nagivating there and back you can only accept a few jobs.

– To be continued. I just found out a school wants me to teach tonight and I am exhausted, so I am off to get a quick nap before I have to leave.

– Back now but there is no time to finish this post. Taught two classes, enjoyed them both. Then went and spent half the pay on groceries and such. =) I honestly don’t even remember the first part of this post, but whenever I get a chance I will read it and finish the thought

in an upcoming post, ha. There is SOOO much I keep wanting to write, but there never seems to be enough time here! It’s crazy…

Anyways…to be continued!

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  1. February 11, 2013 10:53 am

    Woohoo! your first paying job! I am thoroughly enjoying reading your posts!

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