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The grocery store (and mall) in pictures

February 7, 2013

The internet has been so iffy and it also doesn’t work in my room, so I am scheduling this to post tomorrow (Thursday for me, Wed in the States)- hoping it works! =)

I was super excited about this sign until I realized that unless you can read the Cyrillic alphabet, or see the golden arches, you won’t know what this sign says. But it says, phonetically, Mc Donalds. =) (Well, MacDonalds). So now you can learn a few Cyrillic letters!

photo 1(2)

Of course this one (below) has the English sign so it’s easy. Reading it the way it’s spelled below, it says “Boorger King.” Although, I thought that if a “G” was at the end of a word, it was pronounced like a “K” which would make this sign say “Boorger Keenk” haha. But maybe since it’s an English loan word they pronounce it the way we do. I will have to ask.


We found “my” store haha. =) Yes, I am holding an ice cream bar, and yes it was freezing outside. And guess what? There were gelato places all over the mall!


Guess how much this box of cereal cost?


Answer: $14.50 USD!

This is just about half of the selection of hot dogs available in the second grocery store we went to. Yes, the mall has grocery stores in it!


The lettuce was packaged like we package bouquets of flowers in the States. =)


This spaghetti was super thick! And some of the bags of store brand spaghetti cost as little as 30 cents a bag! Some things cost a lot here and some things are really cheap. I bought a bottle of water for 15 cents. Of course it did end up tasting a little funny, so next time I will “splurge” for a better brand but…


These mini pineapples were so cute, they were about the size of pears!


Rectangular tortillas:


And a huge loaf of bread:


Look what we found while walking through the mall! =) I wasn’t able to back up any farther, so couldn’t get the whole sign in the pic but…you know what it is. =)


I had written a detailed post about Tuesday and the trip to the mall, but it was all lost. I will try to write about it again later.  I will also try to start taking some real pictures, and not just all these bad quality iPhone pics! It was SO beautiful when I first arrived here, because everything was covered in freshly fallen snow. However, it was continued to snow all day, so I wasn’t able to get any pics because the snowflakes were huge and wet, and the camera would have gotten soaked. After it stopped snowing, the snow started falling off of the trees and they weren’t as pretty anymore. =( One of these days!

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  1. February 7, 2013 10:49 am

    It’s so fun seeing all the fast food restaurants with Russian transliterations. 🙂 And wow, that spaghetti was thick, that was a lot of hot dogs, and that was some expensive cereal, and cheap water. These culture “lessons” are gonna be fun! lol

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