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No visa yet…

January 21, 2013

I had been expecting my visa to arrive today, so after getting home and not finding it on the porch, I checked FedEx’s website again, and the info that had been there was gone! Now there was no estimated delivery date listed (the original info had said 3pm today). I called FedEx and was told that my package was never picked up by FedEx! Thankfully GotoRussia is good about email response time and I soon heard back that they weren’t sending my package till Thursday, and that it should arrive this Friday. Not sure why FedEx had already listed a delivery date, but as long as my passport isn’t out there floating around somewhere, I feel better!



PS, check out the Venice painting in the background. =)

Having today off as a holiday was such a great way to start my last week of work! It was so nice to catch up with these girls and spend some time together. I’ve known all these girls since high school and it was fun to spend some time reminiscing about life back then. =) The warm, sunshine today and the fact that I have tomorrow’s dinner already marinating in the fridge are just cherries on top of a beautiful day. Days off work are so productive and fun. Love them!

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