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Today, in pictures

January 11, 2013

The past few days have been simply gorgeous. Maybe not temperature-wise (except for that one random day we had 70s and it felt like summer), but nature-wise and photography-wise. I keep wanting to photograph everything. So today I brought  my camera along to work, just in case I needed it. Here are some snapshots from the day:

Getting ready to leave for work:

misc 003

A bit cold, for So Cal

Saw this leaf on the ground on my way into the office. It looked so black and blended in with the black pavement. I stood over it to try and block out the bright sunlight (hence the leaf is in my shadow, and the sides are the sunlight on the ground)

misc 004

Not a black and white photo, but almost looks like it (except for the deep purple of the leaf)

Another angle. I liked the effect of the shadows and the sunlight., causing it to almost look like a b&w.

misc 005

Yesterday I saw this stunning tree on the way to work and wanted to get some pictures of it. It appeared to still be completely full of red leaves! Unfortunately, yesterday’s rain washed out a bunch of the leaves, but there were still some left when I stopped by today on my way to downtown Glendora for lunch.

misc 008

More proof that we still have fall color in Jan. =)

I took one more picture of the leaf later on after lunch. No shadows. Just black pavement. =)

misc 009

On the way home the beautiful snow-covered mountains were ringed with clouds at the top, and I am blaming the sudden traffic jam on them…As they came into view along the fwy, suddenly everyone started stopping. It was a stunning view, so…I was tempted to try and get some pictures out the window while driving! I knew that once I got home my local foothills would block the view of the mountain I wanted to get. I did my best though to get some pictures by stopping at the park to get some pics of the other mountains covered in snow/clouds. Definitely not good pictures, but I tried. It was gorgeous!

misc 026

Sorry, no photos of lunch or dinner. Lunch was good, and since dinner will be Mexican, I know it will be good too.

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  1. January 14, 2013 9:36 am

    Nice pics! Sigh…I miss those mountains sometimes. 🙂 Loved the pic! Wish I could have joined you for dinner! 🙂

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