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The Eastern Bride

December 1, 2012
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A few weeks ago I was at an event on campus where several different missions organizations had booths set up to recruit volunteers, interns, etc. One of the booths was from World Vision and they were selling a bunch of DVDs for 5 bucks each. Since I had a 20 in my wallet (seriously rare for me) I picked out a few DVDs that looked interesting, feeling good for supporting a good cause and getting some DVDs out of it, too. =) Although, at 5 bucks each I am not sure how  much profit they were making…

Anyways, I finally had time to watch one tonight and it was so inspiring. Well, convicting really. The Eastern Bride reenacts some stories from persecuted churches around the world in order to make others aware of the plight of Christians in these countries. I have no idea when it was published (seemed a little old), but it’s made by Open Doors which is an organization working with persecuted churches around the world. They have a map on their website that shows the countries that are especially dangerous for Christians (almost all are within the 10/40 window)*. The organization also sends out missions teams into these areas, and I was so ready to sign up when I remembered that I am leaving in 8 weeks.

Watching this DVD and then reading the posts on their website made me so thankful that tomorrow morning I can get up and go to church with no fear of persecution. I can carry my Bible freely. I can worship anyplace I want to, with no fear of being caught and hauled off to jail.

Do you know how BLESSED we are to be able to do that? We get so used to these freedoms that we take them for granted, as if everyone gets this privilege. But out of 196 countries in the world, Open Doors has FIFTY of them on their watch list. That represents a LOT of people who DON’T have these freedoms. And we were just “lucky” enough to be born in a free country.

Don’t take your freedoms for granted! Tomorrow, while we all sit in our comfy, air conditioned churches (okay, heated if you are not in California) worshiping God, there will be others around the world who are suffering for trying to do the very same thing. So think twice next time you are tempted to text, talk, or zone out during church. Worship God like He means something to you!

*I am so thankful for DVDs, books, blogs and my Bible that constantly challenge and inspire me to do something, to grow and change. I only wish that these reminders would STICK in my brain. Often I feel motivated to DO something, only to fall back into complacency a few weeks later when life crowds out those thoughts. Am I alone in this? I get so frustrated that these reminders don’t stay front and center in my brain. I welcome any ideas, thoughts, suggestions on keeping things that you learn daily in the forefront of your thoughts! Sometimes growth feels like two steps forward, one step backwards! =/

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  1. December 5, 2012 7:46 am

    Every time I think about the persecution Christians in other countries have to deal with, I am so thankful!

  2. December 9, 2012 7:57 am

    One of the things that helps me in my walk with the Lord is reading my Bible every day consistently. Then when God speaks to me I underline it (phrases usually). This morning for example God really spoke to me through this phrase in Ephesians 2:4 “God, who is rich in mercy”. A lot of times I will then write that down somewhere, or write about it in a word document or blog or something, and then I try to tell someone about it. After having read it, underlined it, written it, and spoken it, I usually remember it.

    • December 12, 2012 4:19 pm

      Those are good ideas. I feel like it’s easy to learn something, be reminded about something WHILE I am reading my Bible. And then a day later forget it, ha. (I DO have the world’s worst memory)

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