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Orange October

October 25, 2012

Got this pumpkin free at work the other day and of course had to give it a nice big Giants logo. Then I found one of our student workers’ oranges and he let me draw on it too. He says he won’t eat it until we lose a game. =)

Lots to say about this post season, it’s been incredible. From the way they got to the World Series, to the Giants winning Zito’s last 14 starts, to our pitchers getting RBI hits in the last 4 games, to how much fun these guys are to watch, it’s been awesome to say the least.

Last night I had to smile as we sat eating Panda Express and watching the game…and watching the Panda hit Verlander for 2 home runs, and then tacking on his THIRD home run of the night against the reliever Alburquerque. It was pretty unbelievable.

As Pablo came up to bat for the first time last night, I said “he just needs to hit it out” – and then he promptly did. Second time up, my dad says “he needs to do it again.” We were a bit speechless when he DID. Of course at his 3rd at bat you are hopeful, but not really expecting that he would. Unbelievable.

I was so happy that Zito did so well. I’ve always believed in this guy, even when everyone else didn’t. =) So it was nice to hear all the cheers of everyone last night (who in the past had booed him – fickle fans!)

So excited for this team, they really are a fun bunch of guys and they deserved to be here.

Panda to the rescue 😉

Ready for game 1! =)

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