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Sept 11

September 11, 2012

Usually when people think of September 11, they think of the day the Twin Towers fell. And that’s what I always remember as well: where I was and the flood of emotions I felt that day. I will never forget.

But last year on the tenth anniversary of Sept 11, 2011, my friend and I were boarding a flight from LA that was headed here:


I can’t look at all of the pictures I took over there without feeling this intense desire to be back there right now. Love this place!

It felt a little bit weird to be flying on the 10th anniversary of Sept 11, however,  things were going fine until we started going through security at LAX and one of the TSA agents yelled something that Christy interpreted as “bomb.” I couldn’t believe it. They told everyone to freeze where they were. Time seemed to stop. I was thinking ‘this can’t be happening right now. There’s no way. What are the odds?’

And then they started reading some proclamation remembering Sept 11. After they told us we could move again, I asked one of the agents what had been yelled and he said, “Bravo” (it was supposed to sound like “bomb’ – um, thanks for scaring us half to death!)

Since that day I have experienced that same “ritual” about three more times (although I haven’t heard any more proclamations read, or any “bravos” yelled,  just moments of silence – apparently all that other stuff was just for the 10th anniversary). Why do I always seem to fly at around 7ish AM? – I forget the exact time, but it’s around then)

Anyhow…nowadays Sept 11 has a happier meaning for me. It was the start of a fabulous adventure around Italy and Greece (with a short visit to Turkey). I can’t wait for a chance to go back someday soon!

I  miss this place so much!

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