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Leave Your Tears in Moscow

September 4, 2012

At our staff “retreat” on Tuesday, my coworkers found this book for sale and bought it for me.

The title is so intriguing to me for some reason. I started reading it the same day I got it while waiting for my car at the car wash. =) It’s the true story of a Lithuanian woman married to an American man right before WWII started. They had both been living in the US, but decided to move back to Lithuania shortly before the war started. She tells of her husband leaving Lithuania with her young daughter to head back to safety in the US, with the hopes of sending for her soon after.   In the book she describes all of her efforts to leave the country and also tells of all of the horrors they faced at the hands of both the Russian and German armies, and of her eventual forced evacuation from her home in Lithuania. She was sent from one work camp to another and she details the terrible living and working conditions in each place.

Meanwhile her husband and young daughter back in the US continued to try and get her out of the country. It wasn’t until twenty years later and an audience with a visiting Russian dignitary that they were able to get her freed and brought to the US.

I can’t imagine having to live like that! I’m so thankful for my freedom!

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