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Staff Retreat at the A. K. Smiley Library

August 30, 2012

Every year all of the different departments at work have a one day “retreat” of sorts before the new school year starts. Some departments just stay on campus and have meetings. Rumor has it that other departments have done things like go to Disneyland. in the past This year our department went to the A. K. Smiley Public Library and Lincoln Shrine out in Redlands. We started the day with breakfast and after that we were given a tour of the place. After the tour it was back to the meeting room for lunch and a meeting. Then we loaded back up on the bus and drove back to Azusa. I always bring my camera along for these things. (Because even if it gets boring, I can always just go take pictures) =) We had a great time though and the day went by really fast.

Where we went

My coworker saw me taking pictures of everything and told me to go stand by the staircase and he’d take a picture of me =) So here I am.

View from the top of the building

I was surprised to see that they still have so many books on TAPE!

Love this picture of our student worker, Rachel. Looks like her head is just sitting on the shelf. =)

I’m not a huge fan of statues, but they do remind me of being in Europe. =)

Some of the paintings in this room had frames almost as big as the picture itself =)

Loved the red walls

Pretty garden area

Stained glass window inside the library

The “practical theology” Rockwell print =)

The children’s room had lots of cute stained glass windows

I love Winnie the Pooh =) (no idea WHY, but I just always have)

And then a fake stained glass =)

A creative, edible mission. If you have worked at all in a California public library, you know when it’s “mission season” at the local public schools. =)

An old card catalog =)

Outside the entrance to the Lincoln shrine

Clearly I’m loving the black and white today =)

The beardless bust of Lincoln

It was a hot day to be in Redlands. The water in the fountains looked so inviting!

Some of my coworkers in front of the Lincoln shrine

The lone, tall palm tree

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  1. August 30, 2012 11:07 am

    What a neat library. Enjoyed the pictures. 🙂

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