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Generic vs Name Brand

August 27, 2012

Maybe it was just me, but as a kid I always wanted my  mom to buy name brand everything when we went to the grocery store. I was just sure it tasted better. And then I moved out on my own and had to do all my own grocery shopping (ie spend my own money), and I started realizing that some generic products were just as good as the name brand ones. In some rare cases they were even better. (And of course in some cases it’s the exact same product just packaged differently for the different brands. Sneaky.)

The other day I stopped by Wal Mart to grab a few things, and decided to go down the frozen foods aisle to see if they had any good ice cream since I didn’t feel like making another stop at the grocery store. They didn’t have much, but they did have a box of ice cream sandwiches so I just grabbed them.

And friend, these are seriously good. I have decided that these are my new favorite ice cream sandwiches! (The chocolate part is slightly crunchy, which I like. =) ) I will say right now that I didn’t eat the entire box in one sitting. I wanted to, of course, but I refrained. But I might have eaten more than one. 😉

That’s the best picture you’re gonna get since I didn’t feel like pulling them out of the freezer. =)

Do you have any foods that you’ve found are just as good generic as they are name brand? Or items that are even better than the name brand? (I also like Stater Bros cheeze puffs way better than the Cheetos brand!)

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  1. August 29, 2012 12:14 pm

    Ooh those are good ice cream sandwiches. The chocolate part tends to stick to my teeth though. lol I prefer the Great Value brand of Pickles and the Great Value brand of roasted peanuts over the name brands. 🙂 And the Great Value Cola isn’t too bad either! Can you tell I do most of my shopping at Wal-Mart?

    • August 29, 2012 12:16 pm

      That’s true, the chocolate is really sticky. It’s kinda weird haha. But tastes good. =)
      I can’t wait till our Wal Mart becomes a Super Wal Mart. =)

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