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Adventures in online shopping

August 20, 2012

Online shopping can be a very efficient way to shop. You can quickly compare items to find the best deal, there are often more sizes available online than you would find left in the store after everyone has come through and raided the place ;), and you can also search for online coupon codes while you are at it and enter them at checkout to save a few bucks. Granted you usually have to pay shipping, which negates the money you save in gas driving from store to store, but you do save time shopping online.

I love shopping online.

Except when it comes to clothes (and shoes). Because I just never know if something will fit exactly right until I try it on. And with having  to return online purchases I always hate that I wasted the shipping cost for no reason.

Anyhow, with that said, this past week I purchased both a coat and boots online. Shopping online for those items is really my only option living here in So Cal…Unless I want to fly to Minnesota for the weekend for a quick shopping spree. I seriously contemplated that. But the price of airfare* alone would buy me an on-sale fur coat, so I decided against it.

*Yes, I am getting low on frequent flier miles these days. Did I mention I booked my flight to Moscow with frequent flier miles? Granted it’s only a one-way ticket, but still…it only cost me 30,000 miles and $35.10.  I was happy. =) So that means I am out of miles for the time being.

I bought this coat in black (loved the white but it was sold out):

It was on sale for 40.00! Plus I found an 8.00 off coupon online!

And I bought these boots:

And it all fit! The boots came in a box so small I was sure there was no way they’d fit me, but they do! I’m happy with everything (and slightly amazed that they fit)…except for the fact that the coat was made in China…and smells horribly of smoke and that weird plastic-y smell…. The coat is brand new, was sealed and has tags on it, and was bought directly from the store, not ebay (lol). I wonder if they are allowed to smoke while working in factories? I know that almost everyone in China does smoke.

It also kinda smells the way things made in India smell. If you don’t know that smell, go to India, buy a whole bunch of random trinkets, put them in a suitcase and bring them home. Then open your suitcase and you will know what I am talking about. Your whole house will smell like India, courtesy of all your purchases! =)

I am off to the dry cleaners this week in the hopes that they can fix it for me. =) I tried the at-home dry cleaning stuff that I use on my other dry cleaning only clothes and it really didn’t do much. It was up against more than it could handle I guess. I even sprayed my favorite Ralph Lauren perfume on it. Now it smells like a mix of Ralph Lauren and smoke. Lovely.

I can only hope that the rest of my online purchases in the days to come fit as well as these have. And that they come sans smoke smell! Wish  me luck. 😉

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  1. August 20, 2012 8:59 am

    Hooray for clothes shopping online – ESPECIALLY when everything fits! Yay! Hope you can get your coat to smell “normal.” 🙂

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