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Warm winter wear

August 16, 2012

I am not a huge fan of extreme weather conditions. I like a perfect 70-75 degrees, ha. Not too hot, and not too cold! BUT…I have decided that if I have to live in a cold climate*, at least I will have fun doing it next time! I have been drooling over all of the beautiful fur coats, hats, and fur-lined boots that I have been finding online. I haven’t really ever needed such warm things. But wow are they beautiful. And expensive, ha! But I think living in a cold climate must be more bearable when wearing such beautiful things!

These are my two favorite coats:

Front view. Love!

Back view

Different color

And this one:

Side view. Love it

Front view

Isn’t this one so pretty too? I don’t think I’d spend all that money on a pink coat that I wouldn’t wear too often. Unless of course I was rich. I think it’s so beautiful.

Cute, but a little short to be warm enough.

Raccoon =)

I am told that Russians don’t really wear hats like these (below) so I am kinda bummed about that. Guess I won’t be buying any fancy hats. =) Which, I suppose, will help me save money for that expensive fur coat I will need!

Warm and fuzzy =)

Can you see me wearing these?

Living in a cold climate has never sounded so appealing before!  I’m not much of a shopper anymore, but shopping for warm things has now become a necessity, so I won’t complain! =)

*Do you have a favorite place to find good quality, and reasonably priced, warm winter apparel? If so, please share! I have been scouring the internet, since places that sell warm clothes are not in abundance here in Southern California.

*More about that next time!

**Hat images all from

**Fur coat images all from – love this site!

**Boot images from

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  1. August 20, 2012 8:59 am

    FUN FUN FUN! It makes me want to buy a fur coat. Only I don’t really need one.

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