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Jamaica, the missions side of the trip

August 4, 2012

Since Jamaica was a missions trip,  from the entire trip I only have about 700 pictures. (Compared to the 500-700 pics per day I’d normally take on a vacation). I guess 700 pictures might sound like a lot, but really, for meit’s not.  I did have a few more pictures on my smaller point and shoot, but they decided to delete themselves one day while we were out doorknocking, so I lost the airport pictures and beginning of the trip pics.

We had a really great trip. The weather was pretty nice (still hot and humid, but nothing worse than I’d expected. It actually was better than I’d expected. I don’t like humidity at all, but when you go into it just knowing it will be there, it makes it easier). A couple of days we went doorknocking, one day we painted the church, and another day we went to a festival to pass out tracts and make balloon animals for the kids. We also ran Sunday School for church on Sunday and sang a few specials for the morning service.

Here are a few shots from the trip:

Group shot (minus our photographer, Jeff) at Mystic Mountain where we went ziplining


After doorknocking one day we stopped at a little roadside food place to get local food, and everyone watched these guys out front playing dominoes for money. =)

Some of the guys watching the domino players

These adorable puppies kept licking our feet and following us while we were out doorknocking one day.

Gates at one of the houses along the route. Some of the houses were so fancy and ornate. And all the rest were at least colorful!

A few of us girls went with Mrs. Wesley to Girls Club on Saturday

The littlest MK helping out with the offering before church =)

Inside before the church service

We made a lot of balloon animals between services

Painting the church

SJ working hard =)

The little deaf boy that kept coming in the classroom while we were painting. He was so cute and it was fun to actually be able to communicate with him somewhat using sign language. I had to bribe him with Pop Rocks candy to bring us back the broom that had disappeared so we could sweep the room when we were finished. =)

Climbing, taping, painting, we did it all

Painting India-style – balancing a bit precariously to paint the top =)

Rinsing out the paint and creating a green river =)

7 girls sharing one room and one bathroom =)

Air drying our towels on the back porch

Drago hanging out on the porch, watching out for us girls =)

SJ showing how the “carry baskets” are on wheels and can be pushed like the shopping carts in the grocery store. =)

We went to a craft area to do some souvenir shopping and it started POURING as soon as we got there.

Rhianna feeling Tommy’s hair on the way to the festival to hand out tracts

Moriah, Rhianna, and Alexis at the festival

Some of the kids showing off the balloons we made for them. We used almost an entire bag of balloons in just about an hour. It was nonstop balloon making, with kids constantly tapping you on the arm and asking if you could make them another one. =) There weren’t that many kids, but the ones that were there were COVERED in balloons!

Every kid looked like this by the time we left! We were told that only rich kids have balloons at their parties, so they were really enjoying it. The parents were thanking us for coming.

Saying goodbye at the airport – Alexis, Moriah and Eden.

I really didn’t take too many pictures, but that’s a bit of what we did while there. I’ll post all the scenic pictures later.


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  1. August 6, 2012 9:32 am

    Enjoyed these pics and seeing what you guys did over there! Looks like it was a good trip. 🙂

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