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Skagway pt 2

July 16, 2012

Alaska is so, so beautiful! If you have never been, you should go. It has some of the prettiest scenery that I have seen anywhere. Here are some more pictures from our time in Skagway:

Alaska has beautiful wildflowers everywhere

We saw lots of rivers as well

I love the yellow-rimmed petals

More flowers =)

Closeup of the lavender puff =)

Closeup of the purple puff =)

I loved these old phones =)

Some of the buildings downtown

This sign for sale in a shop made me cringe. I wonder how many of these were made! (for those of you who don’t get it – your should be “you’re”) =)

In that same store…”gifts” – toothpaste, aspirin, etc =)

Looking across the valley to the road on the other side

River snaking its way through the trees

Since we were in the back of the train, we were able to get lots of pictures of the front of the train =)

Lots of clouds/fog

Some family members =)

There were seriously waterfalls everywhere as the snow melted

Looks like all of these trees are growing on the side of a huge rock!

Near the Canadian border

The other train coming up next to us

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