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Tuesday night randomness

July 3, 2012

Okay, so I should be blogging about Alaska since I have a million pictures to post, but I am not at home and therefore don’t have access to my pics right now so…we’re posting something else.

Reading all of the random things that people type into their search engines – that ends up sending them to my blog, always makes me laugh. Reading this spam comment (below) tonight reminded me of all those searches and so I went and looked up some of the more recent searches just for fun.

*Spam comment: “Thanks ur parents for having you.” This was, of course, on my “On Being a Redhead” page – the page where I get most of my spam…thankfully most of it is in Russian or Ukrainia or something so I don’t have to  read all of it.

Searches that  have recently brought people to my blog (I’m not going to fix typos or anything):

redheads with warning labels (do some of us actually come with warning labels? Or are they just suggesting it might be a good idea?)

two redheads marrying eachother (gasp!)

funny things to say to a redhead (umm…? ok…)

real peoples bucket lists (as opposed to …fake people’s?)

i am married to a redhead (was this person looking for a support group or a counseling center or something??)

every man should fall in love with a redhead (that might be a slight statistical problem…but this person DOES have their thinking cap on, I’ll give them that!)

why do falafels make me sick? (bwahaha this made me laugh out loud)

website for people who like to date redheads (Should I be registered there? lol)

i don’t feel in control while snowboarding (yeah, can’t help you there, I don’t always either)

where to ride elephants in virginia (hmm…)

10 best things about being a red head

what makes redheads so much fun (everything, friend, everything! lol)

men like auburn hair (true…so do women)

extraordinary redhead (well, thank you! bwahaha. I do appreciate that searching that brought them to MY blog haha, apparently Google’s got its thinking cap on too! lol)

“your hair” “it is super long” (I like the quotation marks)

+jennifer dunlop (creepy-ish)

brunettes have more fun quotes (sorry, no they don’t. ;P)

weigh 116 pounds (actually after that cruise, I don’t anymore. I LOST 3 lbs It must have been the fact that I never used the elevator and the buffet was on the 9th floor. Perhaps. Okay, I actually did use the elevator like 3 times, there was no way I could drag my suitcases up those stairs…but I really did get a lot of exercise on those stairs, I wanted to bring them home with me!)

can i go to the beach in the rain? yahoo (nope, sorry!)

grants for being red headed (love it, there totally should be one. Just for the fun of it. Perhaps if I’m ever rich someday I’ll create one!)

what people think being a redhead is like what is really is like  (hmm…)

quiet man quotes red hair lie (???)

how many men marry a redhead? (lol…interesting…)

how to live with being a redhead (ahaha, it’s rough, I tell ya…;P)

is it legal to go to the beach in the rain (people seem to really wonder about this one – you ought to see how many people the cops drag in off of the beach on rainy days! lol)

how to know if you’re part red head (ahaha, look in the mirror…)

really cool funny things to say about being a red head (alrighty)

redhead sayings for people that are not redheads (??)

can it rain on the beach? (now there’s a question!)

10 reasons redheads beat beat blondes (beat beat?)

air force academy flyover interupted by obama exit,  and also this one: obama interrupts flyover at air force graduation(? reading those actually made me curious, not that I know of…)

baptist missionaries to seychelles (ahhh, I wanna come tooooo!)

part of the problem with redheads is thre aren’t enough of them (aww, sadness)

india leads the world in traffic-related deaths in 2011. (I can believe that. I’ll bet breathing all that pollution leads to deaths too, bleh!)

excuse us tree we’re walking here (bwahaha okaaay)

Okay, I guess that’s enough randomness for tonight.

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! Yay for holidays and days off work. Love this country =)

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  1. July 10, 2012 8:58 am

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH these are awesome. Omw…. loved the personal comments too. 🙂 hahahha.

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