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July 1, 2012

The first day on our cruise last week was just a day at sea as we made our way up to Juneau (the only state capital inaccessible by road, for what it’s worth). In Juneau we went to church and also did a river rafting trip at the Mendenhall lake/glacier/river. It said it had class II and III rapids, but really, they were very tame. I guess I can say I have finally done whitewater rafting now, but I definitely want to go again sometime and do some bigger rapids, because it was a lot of fun. I won’t say whether or not at some point certain male family members took over the paddling from our guide and got us stuck on some submerged trees…

We had such gorgeous weather in Juneau. It was about 85 and we were dressed way too warmly for the weather that greeted us at the river! Have you ever tried to take off a pair of leggings with only a port-a-potty to change in? Talk about balancing skills! After un-layering, and even borrowing a t-shirt from my brother (to ditch my sweater), we put on these lovely wading outfits and were assigned a raft and guide.

The guide behind us posing in his raft – when he saw me taking pics he asked if I wanted a picture of him, and then he posed for me, haha.

Our guide livened up the trip for us by doing a back flip into the icy cold water:

While we saw many bald eagles other places, this is the only one we saw on the river (he was way up there!)

The ship we WISHED we were on, hehe =) (Celebrity Millennium)

One of the bajilion waterfalls we saw on the trip.I have never in my life seen so many waterfalls. Alaska has more waterfalls than Europe does castles. True fact. At least I am assuming so. =)

Green mountains…Green water.. =)

View of our ship in the distance

Our next port of call was Skagway where we took the White Pass train up to the Canadian border. I’ll post some of those pictures next time. That trip was very cold, and very beautiful. I didn’t think Alaska could get any prettier than the last time I was there, but this train ride was amazing and the scenery spectacular.

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  1. July 1, 2012 1:36 pm

    Juneau looks beautiful!!

  2. July 10, 2012 8:55 am

    🙂 Love the rafting pics. Fun stuff.

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