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The Girl in the Picture

June 4, 2012

Hey friends! So I haven’t felt much like posting any of the bajillion flower photos I’ve taken lately. Haven’t felt much like blogging at all to be honest.  I have to be in the mood to blog, and just haven’t been the past few weeks (my poor brain is fried at the moment =/)

But…I figured I should put up a few pictures from yesterday at least. I went down to Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach in the morning to hear Kim Phuc speak and met up with an old high school friend there as well. I am so glad that I went (I almost never go to any other church but my own on Sundays, but decided to just this once).

It was so neat to hear her testimony of how she overcame the bitterness of what had happened to her 40 years ago in Vietnam. (I especially like the fact that it was a Bible she found in a library that first introduced her to Jesus and His saving grace and that gave her the answers she had been searching for) I love hearing people’s stories and Kim certainly has a fascinating/intriguing/amazing story to tell!

People and media were practically mobbing her afterwards in the lobby.

Diana and I =) (and her son)

Kim Phuc and Huynh Cong “Nick” Ut – the photographer who took the photo (and won a Pulizer for it) This isn’t a good picture, but I was just lucky to get one since it was almost impossible to get near them!

* I have linked the video for the entire service in the comments below, but did want to issue a caveat here that she does show several video clips throughout the service, and at one point – I am not sure why she shows this – she shows a meeting with a man who supposedly issued the command to bomb Trang Bang and who wanted to ask her forgiveness for ‘his part’ in it all. (His statements have been obviously and repeatedly proven to be false many times over since there were no Americans involved in this area, and it was the South Vietnamese who bombed Trang Bang – and apparently he was just looking for media attention, not exactly sure.) Anyhow, for anyone who watches it, just wanted to mention that. Trang Bang was not bombed by Americans, America had almost completely pulled out all ground troops out of Vietnam by this point. I am not sure why she continues to show this clip since it’s completely made up, and the “Methodist minister” has admitted as much. Apparently it’s been used to promote forgiveness and peace and such, but given the fact that it’s a completely fabricated story strips away all credibility and even in watching the clip you get a sense of how made up it is. Kinda sad. =( It would be a great story if it were true. I still think she has a great story to tell, but the media has made more out of it than was originally there.

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  1. June 4, 2012 10:08 am

    Wow, I was just reading their story in the Sunday paper. How neat that you got to see them in person! The article mentioned that she found a Bible and a plan for her life, but it didn’t elaborate on her faith. That’s a great picture, Jen!

    • jenmarie33 permalink*
      June 4, 2012 10:15 am

      That’s cool! Yeah since Friday is the 40th anniversary it seems there have been a lot of articles/news stories about her (that I’ve seen at least). But you are right, the news stories don’t elaborate on her faith much, which is too bad. (She goes to a Baptist church in Canada btw) Her husband and two sons were there too. I was glad I got a chance to see her and hear her speak. Here’s a link to the video of the service (Where You’ll Find Grace)


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