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USAFA graduation

May 27, 2012

Last week (I keep wanting to say “last weekend” because it was such a short trip, but really, it was in the middle of the week) I flew out to Colorado Springs for my brother’s graduation from the United States Air Force Academy. It was such busy and chaotic trip, with people running here and there and plans constantly changing every five minutes (literally), but it was also so much fun. I love being on the base/campus there since it’s so beautiful and green. I am sad that I probably won’t ever have any reason to go back again. But I am so happy for James to be finished, since I know he’s happy about that.

The last day of our mini trip the plans changed so many times, I couldn’t keep up with what was happening. But in the end I didn’t end up having to borrow James’ roommates’ car to drive James to Denver and then try and navigate my way back to the Springs (with no gps and never having driven it before!) so I was a bit relived about that.  My grandparents ended up leaving earlier than my parents (all were supposed to caravan) and headed home, Tom and David drove James’ mustang up to Denver to take James to catch his international flight to Caracas, and on the way there they dropped me off at James’ friend’s house (where I was spending the night and then she would drive me to the airport in the morning) and then my parents headed south to New Mexico where Tom and David would drop off the mustang and carpool back with my parents.  So we all made it safely to our final destinations. =) Won’t see James again till next month when he comes home for our family vacation. I am so glad we get to spend a week together before he flies to Texas for pilot training.

Anyways, here are just a few pictures from his graduation (sorry they are such bad pictures, I had to zoom in from across the stadium):

My ticket

Yes it was a lil crowded on all of the roads!

Along every road cops were waiting to close the other roads for Obama’s motorcade

There was security everywhere.

Everyone had to be screened to enter the stadium – even all the military!

Squad 1 =) Then we had to sit and listen to the other 39 squads graduate haha


Some of the many secret service who were stationed around the stadium

First of the motorcade to arrive

Everyone started cheering as soon as the first of the grads appeared in the tunnel

It really was impressive to watch them all marching in

Especially when they had to march through all the rows of chairs

Here comes Obama

His “salute” looks to me like he’s shielding his eyes from them!

The National Anthem

Where’s James? Can you see him? ;P

Commencement address (which in all honesty was more of a political “look what I did” speech sadly. He managed to mention 3 times that he “got Bin Laden.”

Class of 2012’s gift to Obama

Getting ready…

Saluting the president


us =)

So I totally missed getting a picture of the flyover (happens way too fast haha) but then they had an air show afterwards – I was still a little slow though =)

Cockpit view on the big screen


Embarrassing him at dinner after graduation =)

At dessert afterwards

On the news that night

Last meal together before all going our separate ways – to two different states and one different continent haha =)

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  1. May 29, 2012 7:37 am

    I love that picture of the hats flying in the air….

  2. May 29, 2012 1:53 pm

    Really neat! What a memorable day!

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