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DC and DE Nature Walk

May 26, 2012

Take a break, come outside, and enjoy the nice East Coast sunshine with me for a few minutes! =) (Yes, we actually had a few gorgeous, California-like days before the humidity came back). These are some pictures from my visit out to Delaware a few weekends ago.

Stalking mama duck – you don’t even know how tempted I was to try and catch one of these babies!

Still stalking…


The end

Looking down from one of the WWII lookout towers at Cape Henlopen – I assume the kids who wrote that message meant “You sTink” instead of “You sink” but then again, who knows

I kinda got obsessed with taking pictures of these bright flowers wherever we saw them

The old blacksmith’s shop


I love ladybugs. I think they are the only “bugs” that I actually like – or at least can tolerate.


Peeking inside the shed

There were bees flying around us the whole time we were here

Found some more of them =)

Love how green and “fuzzy” this yard looks =)

An old abandoned house we stopped to take pictures at

Peeking inside

Looking inside the house

Down on the riverwalk


The awesome green pond =)

Walking behind the park

It kinda rained off and on while we were walking

I had never seen a black dragonfly before – it was so pretty and velvety looking

Stopped at this tiny cemetery for a bit

Kinda weird looking…guess the tree grew around the gravestone?

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  1. May 29, 2012 7:36 am

    Your pictures turned out so nice! I think I need a copy of all of them! 😉

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