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A post about nothing

March 1, 2012

So…most days it seems that I have a million and one things going on about which I really should blog, but just don’t feel like blogging then.  And then there are rare days like today when I actually feel like blogging, but have nothing to talk about. Nothing at all.

So instead I will ramble because I really do feel like talking about absolutely nothing =)

Let’s see…yesterday my coworker and I stumbled upon a Buddhist retreat/monastery near work while on our semi-regular walk. I really wish I had been able to take a picture of the ginormous golden Buddha that was up there. Definitely the biggest Buddha I have ever seen. Of course I really haven’t traveled in Asia much yet so I am sure I would see bigger ones there.

And…I only have FIVE more days of being 27. How depressing is that? Annnd I just remembered something pretty important. When I was a kid I always said that if I hadn’t gotten married by 27 then I would stay single forever. (Even though I didn’t even want to get married, I just thought that getting married when you were ‘old’ was dumb. Clearly I was so smart.) Good thing this weekend was shaping up to be pretty laid back (well, aside from working on Saturday morning and 2 basketball games after that) , otherwise I am not sure how I would have time to fit in a last minute wedding! And how might I be celebrating such an auspicious occasion (the big 28) , you ask? Why by working all day and missing all the Super Tuesday/Santorum events, naturally. Boo.

Okay, but back to happy things. 5 happy things for today:

1. Straight hair today. Keeps making me smile whenever I see it in the mirror. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. Okay, maybe I do. Because leaving it curly is so much easier and my coworkers always say it looks better curly. But…still..changing it up now and then is fun too. I love options. =)

2. Mexican food. I’m not even eating it today, but still, Mexican food is always a happy thought. And also, frozen yogurt. I love food. I guess that’s a happy thought too. Being able to eat whatever I want and not gain a pound. (A side note here…since I got my new license in the mail recently it got me thinking. It still says that I weigh 106 pounds – from the day I got it back when I was 16. And clearly I have gained weight since then. I mean, that was stinkin’ TWELVE years ago. So I did the math and I think I am gaining approximately 9 ounces a year (so apparently I CAN gain weight). Which means I now weigh 116 pounds (the doctor’s office always says 115 but they obviously are wrong here) and I want CREDIT for that. I have worked hard to gain that weight! Sigh.

3. Okay, um…another happy thing. SPRING is almost here. Love, love spring! And fall. And summer. I guess that means I just don’t like winter. Well, I even do like winter when it’s in California. Just not so much when it’s in Wisconsin. Yay for changing seasons! Just not yay for allergies. Boo. =/

4. An election year. =) Time for real change, people! This picture below has been going around facebook and I love it. I seriously might do this next time I go get gas. Goodness knows I have a million post it notes around here, and gas is INSANE out here. If I had a horse I’d ride it to work. Um, maybe.

5. Funny people. I love, love funny people. I could talk to them alllll day. They always make me laugh (duh) and I love laughing. Which is probably why I love the times I get to hang out with Brandi. We laugh about everything when we are together. Probably because we bring out the crazy in each other. =)

Okay, that’s enough rambling for today. Oooh, one more. It’s almost baseball season, ahhhhh. Actually, I think that’s one reason I love spring so much. And that reminds me of one last happy thing. Thanks to my amazing friends (mostly Rebekah) who voted for my pictures on the World Footprints contest site, we advanced to the top 15 yay. Out of only 89 entries but hey, that’s something at least! Now the judges have to vote for their favorites and I gotta be honest, there are some good ones out there. BUT, even if I don’t win a trip to St. Lucia or Bermuda, maybe I could still win third which is a trip to Arizona (I know, random right? St. Lucia, Bermuda, ARIZONA? I have no clue). But this girl loves Arizona because…spring training!! So even if we lose but get third we still win! =) Fingers crossed. =)

And, that’s it. Really.

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  1. March 1, 2012 2:39 pm

    I loved your post about nothing…I mean, everything. And really, just a note of encouragement, it’s not THAT depressing to be 28. 😉 Although you might want to get married in the next 5 days if you don’t want to be single forever….lol jk.

    • jenmarie33 permalink*
      March 1, 2012 2:43 pm

      lol yay, I love having you pave the way to “oldness” for me ;P Makes it not so bad. =)
      And seriously. Tom told me once he wouldn’t come to my wedding if I didn’t get married by 27 bwahahaha. Too bad for him I guess. He’s gonna miss the social event of the year. 😉

      • March 1, 2012 3:13 pm

        lol Umm.. you’re welcome?

        Well, I’ll come, even if Tom won’t. I wouldn’t want to miss out on the social event of the year!

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