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A little bit of this and that

February 20, 2012

This past weekend a few of us went snowboarding and my muscles are still sore from it. =/ But we had a lot of fun and even though every time I go I inevitably look down from high up on the ski lift and wonder what it would feel like if I fell off, and which bones I would break since one foot is awkwardly strapped on to a snowboard – I mean how do you even try to fall right? – I didn’t kill myself and came home all in one piece, so that’s a good thing. (Even though a few other snowboarders tried to kill me! Note to all beginners: if you cannot steer, please stay on the bunny slope, thanks!)

Yesterday between church services I went and shot some senior pictures for one of our grads and I love how they turned out! Once she sees them I’ll put up a few.

Annnd, this weekend is the California Republican Convention up in San Francisco, yay for an election year! =) Can’t wait to start doing a little volunteer work for Santorum. As much as they aggravate me at times, I do love politics. So…heading up to San Francisco on Thursday. Leaving behind a forecast of 75 degrees down here to head up to 50s and 60s, yay! 😉 Of course with how wrong they have been with the weather predictions (at least on lately, who knows, maybe you all will get snow down here while I’m gone. 😉 Yeah right.

Anyways, so this week will be busy, busy but in two weeks this girl is coming to visit .

And in 6 weeks I get to go relax in the Caribbean with mi madre, can’t wait!!

Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed week.

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