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On rainy days and the deeper thoughts in life

January 21, 2012

Almost my entire family is outside trying to fix a broken water pipe right now, while I sit here by the window watching the rain come down, eating blueberry Eggo waffles, and…blogging. Yes, I do feel bad but…I really wouldn’t be any help out there anyways. All I would manage to accomplish would be to get completely soaked, and then come inside and not be able to take a shower to get cleaned up…The water line was the one that went to the water heater and so it’s shut off.

Sooo….we’ll see what happens to today’s plans. I was supposed to go in to the church this morning and then go to Tommy’s basketball game this afternoon before running errands, but I’m not going anywhere until I can wash this hair! I’ve done cold showers before, but usually when it’s 70+ degrees outside and not quite as painful.

So I am just sitting here inside where it’s warm, contemplating things like:

1. The fact that I used to go to all my brother’s sports games to watch them compete. Now I am going to watch them coach. That makes me feel old.

2. I wonder if I am getting sick or if all these symptoms are just from allergies. Namely a really annoying sore throat =/

3.Why Mormons – as a general rule – tend to be really attractive people. How do you get a corner on the market of good looks for an entire religious group? Why couldn’t Baptists have gotten that luck? It still doesn’t make any sense to me. If you have any insight into that one please do share!

4. I wonder if it will stop raining anytime soon so I can go get raindrop pictures?

5. I didn’t get a single hit from “Tim Tebow” so apparently that was a waste of time. But I did get smarter. Mi amiga and I did some research and apparently if I had written “I’m Tim Tebow’s girlfriend” I would have gotten hits. And probably lots of hate mail from around the country from all his crazy stalkers, wow. There are some weird, weird people in this world. And some of them are seeing signs as to why they are going to marry him. Pretty sure I don’t want all those crazies converging on my doorstep so…

Completely deep topics, I know, what can I say…

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  1. January 23, 2012 9:53 am

    1. The fact that Tommy is a coach makes me feel old too.
    2. I hope you’re not getting sick! (and I hope I’m not)
    3. Ok, this is sooooo true. lol Wow.
    4. Already commented on raindrop pics!
    5. This is so sad. Imma have to name my next item “I’m getting married to Tim Tebow.” And then it will be strange as I’m already married…

    And just thinking about your entire family outside trying to fix the pipe while you stayed nice and dry inside…it made me smile. You’re a genius! 😉

    • jenmarie33 permalink*
      January 24, 2012 9:47 am

      Haha Beck…just name it “I’m Tim Tebow’s girlfriend” ;P Matt might not like that but…

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