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Fallen Trees

December 5, 2011

This past week we have had some crazy winds in Southern California. Actually all across the West Coast apparently. There were times during the middle of the night that I seriously thought we might end up having a hurricane, the winds were so incredibly strong and loud. I definitely didn’t sleep much that night with how loud it was. The next morning after the first night of winds, the damage could be seen all over the neighborhoods that I drive through on the way to work. There were Christmas decorations strewn about, several broken mailboxes, and  many more uprooted trees lying on the ground. I saw more tumbleweeds blowing down Foothill than I have ever seen in my life. They were lined up like a train just rolling down the gutter. It looked like a mini tornado had blown through town. We had pieces of the roof lying in the backyard, as well as so many tree branches it looked like a tree war had gone on in the backyard. Someone had mentioned that our local park had many trees down, so I headed over there to survey the damage (ok, I really just went to get some pics). With the sunlight shining through the trees, they actually looked really pretty on the ground. =)

The middle of this tree fell out =)

Near one of the fallen trees someone had stuck this note into the ground. All it says is 'please don't take' and has a bunch of kids' names written all over it.

I loved the coloring of this tree and the way the sun was illuminating it!

The poor park bench that got smashed

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