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November 30, 2011

If perchance you see a mysterious object in the sky one of these dark winter nights…

Holding the middle for them

Emergency patch up

I love this one! You can barely see my dad as he releases it into the air

Flying away

No, we don’t perform strange fire rituals in the backyard, we just build UFOs, that’s all. Okay, maybe not real UFOs, we just call them that. I am not sure where they originated but I remember making them when we were just kids. Well, watching my dad and the teens make them at least. We hadn’t done them in years, until recently when Tom wanted to test them out before an activity. So I came outside to watch and take a few pics. It couldn’t have turned out more perfectly. At first the styrofoam kept coming un-taped from the bag, so we had a few emergency fixes after it was already lit, but it still lifted off beautifully and floated higher and higher for about 20 minutes before it flickered and burned out. We called friends to see if they could see it from their house and they could. They also said their neighbors could see it and were really wondering what it was. I agree that if you don’t know what it is, it looks very mysterious. A bright light slowly floating through the sky? These are a lot of fun, but you are completely dependent on getting good weather because you don’t want them crashing and burning in someone’s backyard!! Remember, safety first, friends!

Anyways…I’m not telling you exactly how they are made since I don’t want to be responsible haha but just wanted to share a few photos from the night. =) I didn’t get any photos from the second night that we launched them, but they were awesome. They looked like bright stars way up in the sky. Actually they were twinkling brighter than the stars. So fun =)

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