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Make every day a vacation day

November 28, 2011

There’s a lot to be said for taking vacations. They are refreshing, invigorating, and leave you feeling relaxed and in a happy state of mind.
But what exactly is it that causes a vacation to be so enjoyable? Is it the time off of work? Certainly that plays a huge part. But I think there are also a few other contributing factors.

When we are on vacation usually:
1. We tend to expect to have an enjoyable time, and therefore we usually do.

Seneca Lake, NY

2. We are generally completely out of our normal, everyday routine/rut

At the beach in the rain, Ventura CA

3. We are usually eating at restaurants and shopping at stores we normally wouldn’t take the time to stop at.

Lunch at Pebble Beach, CA

Lunch on the Rhine in Boppard, Germany

4. We tend to notice small details and pretty scenery that we would usually overlook in our busy rush from one place to the next.

5. We generally feel more relaxed because work is completely out of our minds

Snowboarding, Mt. High

6. We feel freer with our finances and tend to buy things “just for fun” because we are on vacation.

Florence, Italy. Just kidding I totally didn't buy these. They sure were pretty to look at though.

7. We are meeting new people and trying out new places.

Our new friends 😉

8. We take pictures of all the fun little details so that we can remember them later

Tim, our drink holder

Ang, trying to get up on the rocks at 6 Flags

9. We try new foods

A meal in India, I am not even sure what it was to be honest.

Lunch in Germany

10. We admire all the pretty buildings, unique architecture, and abundant flora and fauna

Gandhi Mandapam at the tip of India

Medieval Chester, England

11. We spend more time with family or friends

The most flattering picture I could find of myself ;P lol

The madre, padre and I just hanging out on a pyramid in Egypt at Giza

12. We spend a lot of time outdoors and walking/getting exercise

Trying to feed deer in Colorado Springs, CO

Notice anything here? These are all things that we can continue to do when we get back home! (except maybe totally forget about work) =)
The fun of vacation doesn’t have to end when you go back home!
Usually when I get back home from a trip, the first few days still feel like vacation. I might be back at work, but my brain is still off in another country, happily roaming the streets and sampling unique pastries and snapping photographs. But then the “vacation high” wears off and I fall back into my normal rut. Things settle back into “normal” and I go through life on auto pilot.

I started to notice this pattern a few years ago and started then to consciously make a choice each day to continue to live as if I was on vacation. To continue to notice the pretty blue sky and the vibrant flowers that were all around me. To sample fun new foods. To shake up my normal routine and relax my schedule a bit. To photograph fun things as I find them, even if they are just everyday objects. To visit new restaurants, shops, and points of interest close to my house. To walk more. To go ahead and spend the money on that item if it’s really something that I would like to try, etc. These things sound so incredibly simple and yet for me I found that I was usually doing these things only on vacation!
So while I still tend to find myself back in my same old routine again from time to time, I have found that when I put on the mindset of relaxing and “being on vacation” even the sky tends to be a little brighter that day!

One of the most amazing sunsets seen from my backyard!!

So put on your vacation shades today and see your little corner of the world in a whole new light =)

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  1. November 28, 2011 9:01 am

    Good idea. Good post. How many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are there just looking out of your own front window. And I always smile at our window box when I walk up the front path. (Don’t talk to it- not that wierd!) But there are a lot of things to love out there.

    Cheers Jen

  2. November 28, 2011 9:23 am

    Such a great idea. I need to keep this in mind TODAY as I’m struggling with the “back to work” thing. 🙂

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