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September 21, 2011

Our hotel in Athens has free wifi (‘wiffie’ as they pronounce it over here =) ) so I am taking advantage of it! We’ve been here in Greece for a few days now, and I LOVE it! I had no idea it was so lush and green and just incredibly beautiful! (I’d never even heard of the island of Pelopónisos before, but it’s BEAUTIFUL!) We left Pelopónisos today and crossed the Corinth Canal to mainland Greece. The Corinth canal is impressive and the color of the water is amazing.

Our hotel last night was right on the Aegean Sea, and we had a room with a balcony that overlooked the Sea. It was fabulous. We left the doors open all night and slept to the sound of crashing waves (it got pretty loud too, which was quite different from earlier in the day when it had been so incredibly calm). A small storm had come in earlier in the evening and we had some light rain after we’d already made it to the hotel. The storm made for an AWESOME lightning show last night. I sat on the balcony for the longest time just watching the sky light up over the sea. I can’t even describe how amazing it was. I wish I could bring it back for you all to see. It was another one of those travel highlights that I will never forget. You just can’t help but be in awe of how awesome our God is when you see something so incredible like that.

Our hotel here in Athens is across the street from the Aegean and we walked over earlier in the evening and went for a swim. The water was incredible! It was so nice and warm even at 5 pm. We swam for about an hour then came back and showered and I headed around the corner to get gyros and french fries for dinner (with sweet European ketchup of course). I thought my meal came with a drink, but didn’t think she had given me one. I didn’t bother asking though since I was just happy to be getting a meal for 3.80 Euro!! When I got back to the hotel I realized she had put my cup of Coke in a bag like the french fries and then put it in the main bag with the food. =) I also stopped to get some baklava on the way back, and am pretty sure I paid the tourist price since it cost me 2 Euro for 2 small pieces! It wasn’t even as good as the stuff we get back home. Oh well. It wasn’t even a touristy place as far as I could tell. But my gyro was amazing so I was happy. =)

Sorry for my rambling update…there is so much going on in my brain, it’s a bit overwhelming to try and write it all down. This trip has been simply amazing. And we haven’t even left on the cruise yet! I feel so incredibly blessed to be here. The history of Greece, and the beauty is just overwhelming. We visited the acropolis ruins of the ancient city of Mycenae today and the panoramic view from the castle (ruins) at the top is unreal. I took pictures and haven’t looked at them yet, but I know there is no way on earth that they did justice to that view. It has definitely been added to my list of top amazing places I’ve been.

Anyways we’ve been having a blast and other than about 20 minutes of light rain this morning at Mycenae we have had great weather. The first week was hot (but not unbearably so) but the last few days here in Greece it has cooled down considerable and is just beautiful out!

Tomorrow we head to the Athens acropolis so I’m excited to see the Parthenon and Mars Hill and all that. Then on Friday we leave on the cruise.

If wordpress lets me I’ll try and post a few photos below. =)

Entrance to the ancient Olympic stadium in Olympia, Greece

Sunrise this morning over the Aegean from our beautiful balcony

At Mycenae in the tomb of Atreus

Okay well it’s taking FOREVER to upload pictures so that’s all for now. Sorry so boring.

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  1. October 4, 2011 5:02 pm

    Haha, yay for free “wiffie” 🙂

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