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How I saved $20 (And then spent it. Plus some.)

August 27, 2011

Since today is my last free Saturday before my trip, today’s to do list was a bit long and included lots of little things that I just hadn’t had time for, like filling up with gas, getting the car washed, oil changed (all of which my brother so kindly pointed out are not things that are necessary before a trip…but the oil change coupon expires before I get back, and I would surely have run out of gas long before my trip, and…I always feel better when my car is clean, so yes, they were necessary)*.

It also included things that really were necessary, like stopping by the bank to order Euros and GBP, and some shopping.

After getting the car washed and filled with gas, and stopping by the bank, I headed over to get my oil changed. Since they were a bit busy, they told me to come back in an hour, so that I didn’t have to just sit there and wait. Since I had already been contemplating getting a pedicure, I decided that was the perfect time to run and get that done. But when I got to the place that I sometimes go to, they wanted to charge $18.00 for it! I used to be able to get a mani and pedi for $22! So plus tip that’s like $20.00 just for a pedi. So I decided to skip it, and save myself $20.00! But I still had about 50 mins to kill and no other errands that I could run on that side of town. So I walked over to Sally’s to pick up some hair products that I always use, figuring I might as well stock up while I have the time. And they were on sale too! So I was able to buy all three for under the $20.00 I would have spent at the salon! (See, I saved it, but only temporarily since I spent it)

Actually the middle bottle is something new I am trying. I used to use Matrix for heat protection, but this was half the price so we'll see how it works. Sorry for the bad photo, I don't feel like taking another one though...

I still had about 45  mins to kill so I walked into the store next to Sally’s. The sign on the window said “Plus sizes and Juniors” (talk about opposites). I peeked inside and asked just to make sure that they really did carry junior’s sizes (I have been known to accidentally walk into plus sized stores on occasion, much to my friends’ amusement since I am clearly not a plus size.) After looking around I finally picked up two T-shirts. They were cheap and I felt bad to just leave and not buy anything after having looked at practically every item in the store. I think total they cost about $8.50.

After I got home I noticed the store name on the bag, Fashion Joy. lol.

I still had about 30 mins but started heading back to the auto center anyways…and then I remembered this thrift store that Leanne had told me about a month or so ago when I was going to take a bus girl shopping for camp. We had been able to snag a ton of stuff for CHEAP there so I decided since it was close by I should stop there and kill the rest of my half hour. I had been wanting to pick up some cheap clothes anyways for my trip. (My solution to needing to pack light – if you don’t spend much on it, then you can toss it after the trip to lighten your load…at least I always tell myself that. I have yet to have been able to actually throw away clothes on a trip, even though I keep planning to)

I really have all the capris I need, it’s just tops I seem to always need to buy, but for some reason I don’t like the idea of buying shirts at a thrift store. Actually, to be honest, until last month I hadn’t even set foot inside a thrift store to buy real clothes that I intended to actually wear (and not to Ugly Banquet). But when I’d stopped by last month, I noticed that a lot of the clothes were name brand and really nice! (And I used to buy skirts on Ebay when in grad school so I guess it’s really not much different) When I was a kid most of my clothes it seems like came from thrift stores and I hated thrift stores. I hated the way they smelled, how dirty they seemed, how you had to wade through racks and racks to find something you might like or that might fit, the way everything just seemed cheap. So when I got my first job at 16 I determined I would never shop there again. And I didn’t. Until last month. And then I realized how much I had been missing out on! What incredible bargains they had! Today was no different. I found 3 pairs of  GAP and New York and Company capris (I have some capris from there and let me tell you, they cost a whole lot more than $2.99 at the store, ha!)  and a skirt

Because everyone needs 3 pairs of khaki capris, right? (In addition to the 3 they already own, ha)

And a pair of shoes! Yes, I actually bought a pair of shoes at a thrift store. No, I am not at all the same person I used to be. But…they are open toed and seem very clean, so I am sure with just an extra scrubbing to be safe I will actually be able to wear them without the constant fear of foot fungus. Fingers crossed. =)

Besides…they have buckles. And I can’t turn down buckles. On anything. And also, they cost like $3.00. I think my total bill was $12.50!!! I couldn’t even get ONE pair of capris for $12.50. At least not AT New York and Company or GAP. So who cares if don’t actually like them on me when I try them on, they were cheap. And if I decide to keep them, they will last much longer than my pedicure would have. =)

That’s all. Off to complete the rest of my to do list.

*He also so kindly offered to have the whole family help me out with my to do list. He asked my mom if she’d like to go get her nails done so we could get that crossed off, and if Steven wanted to go make his bed (it’s on my list since the sheets are in the wash), and if my dad wanted to go get the van’s oil changed. And he also curiously wondered if I’ve ever been worried about being kidnapped while abroad, and gave me lots of pointers on how to avoid that. Like don’t go help people find their “lost kittens,” and if people ask if they can put me in their ovens, just say no. I don’t remember all his tips (oops, I told him I would)…but they were all along the same lines. Very helpful indeed should I ever run into danger!!

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  1. August 29, 2011 9:50 am

    Hahaha,…your fanily is so helpful. And your dad’s advice…I mean, you can’t get advice like that just anywhere…

    It had been a while since I shopped at thrift stores too, now I peek my head in every once in a while, and sometimes get some great deals! And those shoes are awfully cute.

    • jenmarie33 permalink*
      August 29, 2011 9:54 am

      Wait my dad’s advice? I think all the advice was from Tom and David lol.
      Yeah…seriously…this one Leanne told me about has tons of name brand stuff for super cheap, and on Sat it’s all 30% off of that! And I thought Kohl’s was cheap haha.

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