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Fall makes me want to….

August 19, 2011

1. Buy lots of sweaters and boots
2. Drink hot chocolate or coffee or apple cider
3. Go on a hayride
4. Pick pumpkins and carve them
5. Do a corn maze
6. Do all sorts of baking and cooking
7. Go on a vacation (I always seem to be traveling in the Fall so now I always associate Fall with vacations)
8. Go to New England (this is in addition to a vacation) and enjoy all the Fall colors and all the fun New England-y things you can do!
9. Go stay in a cabin somewhere and spend the week snowboarding
10. Stay inside and play Scrabble =)
11. Take pictures of all the pretty, colorful leaves
12. Take a hike and enjoy the crisp, fall air
13. Start making all sorts of crafts that I will never actually use
14.Start Christmas shopping
15. Go ice skating
16. Start decorating everything with leaves and pumpkins and orange and brown

These are things I ALWAYS start to feel the need to do once Fall starts to roll around.  Ahhhhhh, can’t wait for Fall! =) Love it! Counting down the days…

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  1. August 19, 2011 9:58 am

    I must admit, that list makes fall sound marvelous. I think I don’t like fall as much as I could because I know that winter will follow soon after. I do enjoy many of the things on your list though! 🙂

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